After delisting, dangdang decided to concentrate on to be a "selling books"

after delisting, dangdang decided to concentrate on doing back to a

dangdang bookstore shenyang store (image from visual China)

"2017 billions sales are waiting for, do you have confidence?"Dangdang, vice President, publications department general manager Chen Lijun full of passion to the book suppliers asked.The dangdang 2017 publications supplier meeting held a few days ago, quite a bit of a pledging conference.

a few months ago, dangdang completed the privatization in controversy.From 2010 when the market share of over 40% of the "electricity", to 1.4% today (data from the 2016 (top) testing report on China's e-commerce market data), unavoidably to SOB.Dangdang CEO Mr Li in the opening also lamented, "dangdang for 17 years, 17 years, my hair is white will do such a thing."

no statements pressure, to return to sell books the roots

dangdang this 17 years after the transformation, but location is always wavering, began to the transformation of the department in 2010, Mr Li said: "the department is dangdang's future strategy, even with dangdang books make stick department will continue to make provisions."Dangdang hard transition, however, failed to reverse the consumer cognition, consumer impression for dangdang always stay on "dangdang was selling books".

according to analysys international, currently in the book market, dangdang is still China's largest book retailing platform, with more than 45% of the market share of the top, more than the sum of second, third.In addition, dangdang book sales accounted for more than 60% of the whole platform.

that is to say, the book is still a dangdang is currently the most advantage of the category, dangdang also clearly aware of this, so I decided to return to his own key battleground.

dangdang management support department assistant to the President, Jacky venture partners in the media, including titanium media interview, also admitted it.Dangdang before haven't retreat city, he said, the day is best for filling scale, some low margin category, such as clothing, after the privatization of dangdang, pressure without the statements, so will the FeiTuShu category gradually some losses are removed, the more energy and money and resources into the book.

however, as the reading of the mobile, fragmentation, today's book market become more and more difficult, although still keep growing, but growth has been slowing, online bookstore sales growth also narrowed year by year.

book retail market in 2015, according to a report in 2011 online retail market sale points year-on-year growth of 80%, and by 2015 the number has dropped to 33.21%.

Mr Li also use "crisis" to describe the current book market, so, the future for dangdang is - change and fine operation.

"I before ten years the university of Cambridge press, then went to the press, I hire a taxi driver, he said, well, I say you how so well. He said he originally is the press release, don't push the paper book now, he is unemployed changed when the taxi driver also. So we are faced with change, if dangdang and everyone here is not to catch, the driver of the Uber, drops army force in the party there is you and me."

in the past two years, dangdang has been doing around the book industry, carried out e-books, network literature, dangdang pictures and other new business.

Jacky, dangdang last year signed 500 network literature copyright, there are several has sold, revenue in millions of mass;Founded in September of last year dangdang pictures is the core business is mainly of IP hatch, previously, according to official disclosure dangdang pictures, 20 more than three years investment is expected to make the film and television works.

ebook, dangdang, according to the given ebook user total more than 40 million, 2016, up 55% year on year, 64% of the readers watching ebook, 35% of readers read e-books more than 1 hours a day.

dangdang e-book sold about 600 million copies last year, downloaded more than 100 million copies, but the ebook free accounts for larger, to this, Mr Li said that after three years of market cultivation, e-books will begin to charge for this year.

entity bookstore and knowledge portal will is the key of the dangdang future

in 2017, dangdang will focus mainly on the expansion of the entity bookstore and the building of knowledge portal.

the dangdang bookshop there are three main kinds of size:

there are under 300 square meters, 140, mainly in the supermarket, Jacky, according to previously there are some supermarkets e-book exchange is offered by dangdang, only brand show is not permitted in the supermarket, so more hidden.Dangdang began last year bought a lot of in the supermarket bookstore, gradually to transform and upgrade.

1000-2000 square meters, there are three main do books, such as catering, wen gen experience forms an integrated bookstore;More than 5000 square meters is a complex combination of more forms of culture, Jacky, according to the large bookstores will be born in 2017, currently in the site.

dangdang in the next few years to open around 1000 brick-and-mortar bookstores, online will take the same price (dangdang now average sales discount at 6.2 fold).In Jacky's opinion, online will form a good complementary relationship.

on the other hand, online sales of big data can be used to guide line of the selected product stock;Online books, on the other hand, the variety is complete, can complement the offline form;In addition, online for offline training, for example, offline promotion or signing activity, dangdang will be pushed to the bookstore to cover online customers.

for online and offline, and provides a place for cultural exchange, let reading experience more enrichment.

"we hope the nationwide reading atmosphere stir up, because dangdang in the whole book sales, we are engaged in half, if the reading market, because we open the entity bookstore, make reading can be improved, every increase a bit, we'll get 0.45%."

for profit and loss problem of the bookstore, Jacky explains, is probably break even on the book right now or a small loss, but catering formats can compensate for the losses may be produced.In addition, the government and commercial real estate also indirectly share a part of the rent and decorate cost.

such as the government to promote scholarly society now, will give some entity bookstore support subsidy;Entity business in recent years is quite a shock by online, and books can bring a lot of traffic to the mall, so, the rent, water and electricity, decorate many are commercial real estate to modernize it, even for some operating subsidies to the bookstore.

Chen Lijun said that over the past 17 years, dangdang is a complete selling books goldsmiths, failed to make it a reading platform."Dangdang past community is label products, books, produced a book review every day, add up all the varieties QiBaWanTiao, the quantity is big, just in the past we did not take it apart, no human attributes separately."

so, future dangdang will spend more energy on the building of knowledge portal, dangdang dangdang shopping and reading APP through, dangdang community into douban and complex of zhihu, namely integrating knowledge sharing and question and answer.

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