Miss dong response force gree phone events: must be used!Because it is sent

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yesterday morning, ray to machine for all friends reported the gree mandatory the use of employees gree mobile news, soon, ms dong has responded to this matter.On January 10th, ms dong has big economic person of the year of 20160, at the scene of the awards, dong mingzhu said: "last year I become red, is I gave my installer added 100 yuan, an increase of 1000 yuan per month, for my staff we bonus at the end of the average person has 10000 yuan, and gave them a cell phone."

miss dong response force gree phone events: must use! Because is sent

yesterday, the rumor of gree forced employees to use their mobile phones, gree and dong mingzhu is pushed to the forefront again.Many people believe that gree has just give employees a $1000 salary such provisions appear uncool.To this, dong mingzhu, said mobile phones are given to employees free of charge.She thought the gree mobile phone is a very good product, and said "you are gree employees, gree product who you don't have to use? You don't like it, why want to let others like your product?"Obviously, miss dong think gree employees using their mobile phones for granted.

miss dong response force gree phone events: must use! Because is sent

miss dong also said that she has been using gree mobile generation and second generation, she felt this two phones are very good.For this, miss dong given ray first not to pursue the gree phone the second generation is not really free, miss dong the blind confidence ray alone.Want to know, gree phone whether good or not is not you miss dong word, a word to the user said that counts.Which is the law and employees must use their mobile phones?

miss dong response force gree phone events: must use! Because is sent

and, ray has always felt that the wool is on sheep's body, this kind of mobile phone whether it is difficult to go free.All in all, miss dong gave the answer does not have the very strong persuasive.Want to let the outside world and the media to shut up, just by such a response, I'm afraid it is difficult to.To say the least, even if miss dong oneself really think gree mobile phone is very good, but how do consumers think that it is quite another.

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