SK hynix "ripening" 8 gb phone memory, is the performance overflow or a wave of buy buy buy?

SK hynix

for now on the market of mobile phone, 6 gb of memory is the top match.But at CES 2017, SK from Korea hynix has unveiled its dual channel 16 gigabit DDR4X mobile DRAM chips, capacity has reached the 8 gb.This is LPDDR4X standard, the world's highest density of memory chips, efficacy of about 20% higher than LPDDR4 at the same time.

compared with existing products, packaging area is reduced by 30%, reduced by 1 mm thickness.In units of mm now mobile phone industry, reduce the thickness of 1 mm components will be able to bring the absolute sense of the overall performance improvement.As to what is the packaging area, in the "835 qualcomm posted Xiao dragon, ants of the processor may be the future of the Internet of things", the article said, refers to the physical size of the chip.

according to the survey of the IHS forecast, 8 gb mobile DRAM will become the high-end flagship machine with standard parameters.Maybe the samsung Galaxy S8 will prove to be the first smartphone with 8 gb of memory, but that's another story.

8 gb dice?

a casual online search can see various digital enthusiasts to 6 gb of memory, but generally prefer to memory, big and useless.In fact this is wrong, the memory size is decided by the manufacturers of integrated circuits, is sufficient but not a lover can decide, but lies in the user's usage scenario.

smartphones as a terminal, have converged on the efficiency in the future.Its office scenario has sought to change, this is why mobile phone battery is increasing every year, qualcomm will promote the quick charge standard so quickly.Vendors are aware of this problem, especially from the customer's discontent and complain, became a kind of invisible threats.

actually SK hynix has already know this thing is imminent, but it can't, assembly line upgrade cost is too high, the greater the risk the greater the.Early to change the current terminal memory the pace of change is not necessarily a good thing, leading, strong men, but just ahead of his time may be a martyr.

steps is too big, easy to...

however, I still feel that 8 gb like a ripening melons, because it is still a little earlier.On December 15, 2016, after samsung, SK hynix declared 10 nanometers, 1 ydram continue to research and development, paving the way for future 1 zdram.At the same time, according to the ETnews SK hynix's 1 xdram code-named Alius, has been into the amount of prenatal working stage.

however, the industry is generally believed to be lagging behind in the footsteps of SK hynix samsung six months to a year, the samsung 10 nm IC will Q1 production in 2017, but SK hynix claim they Q2 2017 to mass production.In considering the storage market bottomed out in June, 2016, from $1.31 per unit to sing all the way to the end of 1.94 yuan, doubt SK hynix's may have capacity issues.

in the market won't afraid of the capacity problem is 8 gb of memory, just like 6 gb and 4 gb, the bulk of people buy a match would be the most?Obviously not, market performance to see big head is in the end of the configuration and the default configuration.So even if SK hynix not prepared for the solution, the market will not give them a slap in the face.

some analysts predict SK hynix and samsung in the storage market profits will rise by 50%, to 25 trillion won, or about 140 billion yuan.In addition, the end of December 2016, the Korea herald, according to a south Korean official documents SK hynix are establishing a joint venture with Seagate, today to strengthen the long-term competitiveness of non-volatile flash memory chips.It seems that SK hynix than samsung, hard on the accelerator by Q4 2017, overtaking corners is likely to happen.

to return to the terminal

in fact, ordinary consumers feel enough reason is still not enough data memory, this is mainly because of our smart phones on the definition of "a terminal" is not good enough.Although there are a lot of sensors, mobile phones have but will collect data for this item, now we're so far the ability.Future iot laid completely, gateway will collect a large amount of data in the terminal, the amount is now is unthinkable.

in addition to smart phones, cars also need this memory technology.A lot of traffic information, as well as zero delay local processing, under the premise of keep the workload and meet the cockpit interaction ability, small volume and so on.So even if the phone temporarily no such scene, also can't cut out the conclusion of "large memory not necessary".

even if it's just gathering, don't do any of the original data screening, 6 gb, 8 gb of memory even is not enough.So now feel enough just scene didn't arrive.Buy buy buy you steadfast.

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