Why a small app to do task management can be worth $425 million?

why a small app to do task management can be worth 425 million dollars?

, according to media reports, the Australian team of software developers Atlassian bought a do collaborative applications, Trello, totaling $425 million.After the acquisition, Trello will still provide service independently, but Atlassian various kinds of products will be integrated into Trello feature.News is actually a word, but the more curious is that capital winter not Shouting, how can this app so valuable?

so, Trello is stem what of?

the data shows, Trello launched in 2011, is a famous American software engineer Joel Spolsky development a team collaboration platform.Fog Creek company founded the project once under Joel, because performance is good, in 2014, the company decided to let it develop independence from the parent company, the independence of Trello Inc soon received $10.3 million in A round of funding.

the Trello TechCrunch conference debut in 2011, less than three hours, then scored more than 5000 users at a stretch."Good" is a lot of user to its evaluation, how do you say?

in simple terms, Trello is an online task management tool, team members can use it to create and assign tasks, and the follow-up of the tasks to progress.Different from the traditional simple task management tool - is given priority to with text, every task on the left side of the enclosed check box of "todo" list style, on Trello, your task is to through the Board (Board), the list (list), the Card (Card) three layers of management.

why a small app to do task management can be worth 425 million dollars?

sohu IT quoted here is for using Trello is introduced:

in the Trello, each task can be built on a Board, the creator can name for the Board on a task.The list is mainly represents the timeline, is responsible for carrying Card, click enter the Board, the default list is divided into "todo", doing and done, list three time flow.Finally creative is the Card design, the main design of "flow", each Card can be understood as the subtasks in Board, everyone in the Team can build Card also can complete the Team to the Card the subtasks, to show the task flow, in the version, the Card need only through the simple action, drag and drop can be implemented between the List of "flow".In this process, any one can open any one to leave a message or comment Card.And above all dynamic reflected in the Time line.

as well as most of you are familiar with the cloud tools, Trello covered the iOS, Android, Windows, and other client platform, you can use it on any device.It is worth mentioning that the platform design style is unified, makes the Trello user equipment switch does not find the original task process.

in view of the team structure, the user can be Board and staff belonging to the corresponding organization, the collaboration management it is very convenient.For individuals, of course, this also is a good task management tools.Flexibility is one of the features of Trello - "you can use it to software development, can also be used for preparing the wedding banquet."

like most tools products, Trello at the beginning of the online is completely free, in 2013, the company launched the paid service enterprises.Is now, Trello global users has exceeded 19 million, the figure in 2014, but 4.5 million, growth is very handsome, but don't know which accounts for what than paying customers.In addition, the Trello day more than 1 million active users.Heard that including Google, national geographic magazine, the British government, the international federation of Red Cross and other organizations and enterprises are Trello "loyal".

well, know the Trello is in good condition, but the Atlassian took a fancy to?

use of collaborative tools are many, Trello is why?Want to know, according to the Project Management Zone index (heat release, search, social media heat), Trello but finished fourth in the similar tools.Of course, if growth rates, it is 2016 years of No. 1.

in fact, about this problem, the CEO of Atlassian Cannon - Brookes has given his own answer, in an interview with wired, he said: "there are a lot of enterprises on the market at present tools software, but most is to improve personal productivity and development of, very few companies focus on the team needs. While Trello through creative design in it, by working in the fast-paced, liquid processes add effective framework, solve a big problem to the team."

of Atlassian Jira is the company's most famous collaborative tools, well, the Project mentioned in the previous Management Zone list, ranks third in the tool, is also 2016 years of growth in the second product.Cannon - Brookes said Trello and Jira didn't have a lot of overlap of the market, he hopes to help Trello Atlassian extended to other markets.Atlassian existing products, including Jira, mainly provide service for software developers and IT department.The Trello applicable personnel was more widely, from marketing to hr to media and other non-technical enterprises, are likely to be Trello user.

that $425 million would be a good business?

$425 million is not a small sum of money, especially object is Trello such a small company.However, according to a 451 Research analyst Melissa Incera said that by 2020, commercial level of communication collaborative software market will increase by $2016 in 15 billion to $28 billion.Later, a similar project will only become more and more expensive, especially such a company maintained a rapid growth.Presumably the domestic similar collaborative projects have laughed.

for Atlassian and Trello, this high growth can continue, will be the next challenge.More than


why a small app to do task management can be worth 425 million dollars?

why a small app to do task management can be worth $425 million?

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