Jack three sentences pitch meizu big strategy of next year, the first is: steadfast do products, honestly to do marketing

jack three sentences pitch meizu big strategy of next year, the first is: steadfast do products, honestly do marketing

the rarely seen managers, still behind in the reclusive is meizu's policymakers.

after the fog haze dispersed Beijing sunny afternoon, the hall of the sun to sanlitun CHAO hotels seem more fully, and in the hold of meizu 2017 new media communication will meizu technology, is also a rare less routines - at least no concert this time.

in the communication meeting, meizu technology vice President President Bai Yong peace Li Nanjun came to the scene, with all the media performance review in 2016 and 2017, the sharing of strategic planning, and bring the meizu technology CEO jack three sentences.

will actually throughout the communication can be said to be around jack three words to this presentation.

steadfastly doing products, honestly do marketing

the company want health


Bai Yongxiang as meizu technology focus on hardware, he says the meizu will to line up in 2017, the product will be reduced, and the value of "line" is more different, we should try to be on the user's value, user experience, increases the body to promote science and technology, design, etc.

review last year, we can see the meizu confusion in product line.From early to late, 14 models, 11 concerts...Oh, let a person feel confused at the same time also let you some anger, such as fans to buy groceries.

such as the spirit's blue E users.Difference before and after a few months, in a similar appearance, such as size, configuration, but the price is not cheap, yes it is influenced by blue Note5 -- now, of course, the price has been raised, but 32 gb, still need to be a little cheaper.This is without a doubt hurt fans.

this meizu internal is actually know, but this matter what is the problem the meizu, of course, is not said.I don't want to jump over the meizu decision-making consideration, but do want the meizu to clear shift strategy next year.Machine strategy is no problem, more line strategy also no problem, but this is their products compete with each other in lets users create confusion, smooth add choose obstacles.

maybe this is jack think "not to do things, do not have to do" one of the reasons.In this bold guess, perhaps jack want to say is ODM and OEM cooperation, although the meizu did not openly, but more than last year's models - including spirit's blue E - really very similar, can't let a person is not in the direction of ODM and speculation.

this is my guess, of course, also perhaps is said in the concert.

when it comes to the concert, misia on these words also make their own solutions, he think jack words referred to in the core should be: focus and reality.

in the communication meeting, misia's own admission, meizu have too many products last year, a year 14 new handsets, this must be improved, in 2017 to focus can make further improve product quality and quality.And "products are a little less, focusing more", under the condition of less natural products don't need too much marketing effort, so "this year will not do all kinds of marketing pattern".

say all year long is meizu conference last year, from early to late never die, and finally achieve the feat of product release in the middle of the concert.

of course, that is to say is not to say that do have a question, at least from the perspective of propaganda for meizu technology is won, took a different path, and that, to be honest the concert of return is very high, at least much cheaper than TV and other media.

in addition to the front line, the author is not completely believe it.

as for the reason?May be misunderstood.

the meizu brand there is a very important word is "really".- misia

for this sentence, for example, forced to think he might not have an objective consideration.

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