News that iPhone will return to 8 stainless steel in the box, foxconn is no longer the sole supplier

reported that the iPhone will return to 8 stainless steel in the box, foxconn is no longer exclusive supply

lei feng network news.According to Taiwan media reports, the news of the supply chain from Taiwan said that the next iPhone (hereinafter referred to as the "8" iPhone ") of the metal frame will use stainless steel forging process, but is not now the CNC cutting (CNC plasma flame cutting).At the same time, apple doesn't not like previously classified foxconn iPhone only 8 stainless steel frame contract party, the United States suppliers Jabil (Jabil) may also become one of the suppliers.

, according to people familiar with the iPhone 8 will no longer USES the aluminum metal back cover, you use two sides strengthened glass, for the design of the metal frame in the middle.Among them, the metal frame is stainless steel material, and USES the forging process, in order to improve the strength, and save the cost of materials and post processing time.

in fact, apple used stainless steel frame as early as the iPhone 4 times, is the CNC cutting technology used at the time, two in the box in the stainless steel or the iPhone 4 antenna at the same time.It is worth mentioning that the contract is not a foxconn, jabil is one of the suppliers.Jabil as one of the world's three largest electronic contract manufacturing services, 8 after using stainless steel frame, the iPhone may once again become the iPhone parts suppliers.

from the upstream supply chain vendors, forging can reduce the proportion of CNC machine, not only reduce the cost of materials, processing time and cutting tool, and forging products more stable, intensity bigger, longer service life.

at the end of the assembly link, the news that apple will remain scattered supplier strategy.From the original by foxconn and responsible, to recognize new wistron again.In the future, wistron may speed up the factory in India, mainly for the apple iPhone.

according to the previous exposure, apple is likely to be launched next year three iPhone, screen size, respectively, 5.0/5.2 of an inch, 4.7 inch and 4.7 inch.Among them, 5 inch iPhone will be equipped with vertical arrangement of dual cameras.

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