Still scold six low-end nokia machine?The you were cheated!

as nokia's return to the first product of the smartphone market, nokia 6 is a regular low-end machine, especially carry Xiao dragon 430 processor, is to let people disappointed.However, the voice of the condemnation of nokia is boiling!

1699 yuan, Xiao dragon 430, 64, 4 + UI to eat lotus root!

the day before yesterday also in scold my nokia, suddenly repentance: we all fall for it!This, this, is full of big routine!!!!!!

still scold six low-end nokia machine? You're big fall for it!

analysis the current situation of nokia

after the mobile phone business to sell to Microsoft, nokia has been cut off its smartphones martial arts, and in two years before you can use nokia brand again, nokia has been sold to the brand management of early HMD (foxconn's waistcoat).After all, nokia would have don't want to touch the smartphone business.Just a $20 million price tag, transfer the nokia brand and patent rights to the HMD.

the countrymen to nokia's feelings, this is without a doubt.

  • has been said before: if nokia make the android mobile phone, I will buy!

  • nokia came out: and other high-end machine out again after see!

still scold six low-end nokia machine? You're big fall for it!

feelings this screw

yes, we are all nostalgic, nokia with our youth.However, we may no longer young, we think of everything related to youth, the carrier of nokia is not or lack of.

our feelings of nokia, nature is our sentimentally attached to the good things, nature is our ever young.

still scold six low-end nokia machine? You're big fall for it!

if the first high-end models, went into the accident

we imagine, if the first is 9, nokia is the flagship model.With nokia's situation now, however, foxconn ma3 jia3 HDM the strength of the company, obviously has been greatly behind today's mainstream mobile phone manufacturer.Samsung and apple has a huge gap, even as domestic meizu, Letv.Because so many years did you do any mobile phone.

if the first nokia 9, feelings and our generation also are not satisfied.

  • "what is this?"

  • "years of waiting is the result?"

  • "automatic 9 a, I don't believe that feelings anymore!"

to continue the mid-range, is clearly a ratio a bad, feeling the powder has a clean break.

now, as long as the high-end items is better than nokia 6, after the feelings of fans, even with compassion to care for returning back to nokia, it's like we wanted to go back to the adolescence!

nokia 6 out of discontent, substantially, hardworking americans, is a high-end mobile advertising in the future!

has long ago nokia, nokia has not hit, is out-and-out using our feelings!

still scold six low-end nokia machine? You're big fall for it!

and small make up, you have also been routine?

I got the pattern, small make up is not very open, ~ ~ ~

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