Hungry yao marki reprisals user complaints: "I in you add some takeout excrement"

Bianews reported on January 10th, recently, weibo users "@ first stagnation of sunshine" revealed that, in the order a meal, hungry? Platform for communication and distribution member, complaints.After complaints, he encounters marki message retaliation, "rice Riga shit".

there has always been in @ hungry? Order online, received today a marki 'text messages, it is unmanageable.A few months ago a takeaway, the distribution agent can't find the delivery address, phone kind I tell him, he will open, after I told the merchant, businessmen complain him.He is thinking about new ways to revenge.Can such people in @ hungry online reservation, how many people's food problems, some departments to scrutiny.Want want to customs department for a definite treatment.

hungry yao marki reprisals user complaints:

weibo pictures showed that the microblogging users received a text message, the content is "do you remember you order takeout? I added a little in my shit, smell? Ha ha ha ha!!!!"

Revelations, hungry? Officer under the weibo message said, will discuss the situation with the customer communication.

hungry yao marki reprisals user complaints:

in recent years, with the popularity of mobile intelligent devices, take-away market unusually hot.At the same time, the industry some chaos also gradually revealed.Take-away marki is the only direct service delivery platform for consumer groups, represents a platform of appearance.After the price war, food safety, and delivery platform should also be paid attention to the training of the marki group.

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