Room clerk messages for users: put the shit in the delivery response: not really

Ms. Li told the aurora, she lives in shenzhen longhua new district, often order takeout, "come back to work every day some take-out, weekend also point".In September last year, she was in a business order, called "xiang X sketch" marki yu to come to room, but I couldn't find the address, and she spat conflict, "I told him how to walk, he didn't listen to, when his mood is very bad".

conflict after our quarrel, Ms. Lee to call businessmen complain, "the man yelled at me, I hope I don't get this person to give me meal", but did not contact hungry platform.After the incident, she once in the same business place order, but it is not clear whether yu one after September to her room, "hungry yao didn't show the information distribution people".

she thought the matter to an end.She unexpectedly, late in January 6, yu suddenly from a text message to her, "do you remember you order takeout? In your takeaway I add a little bit of my shit, smell?"After see text messages, Ms. Li "trembling with anger, in that thought for two hours I ought to do", "I didn't sleep all night, think about all sick".

room member messages for users: put the shit in the takeaway: didn't really put

lee received text messages.Source: @ first stagnation of sunshine

hunan X sketch boss ms wong to introduce to the aurora, yu is not the store employees, is the third party's room, which is not clear.Has been urged by the order in September a, but he haven't send us home for a long time, "I don't know why this matter in the past so long, and come out", so hungry? A few days ago had also contact her.

the rest of your life "I think I won't point delivery", after the incident, Ms. Li repeatedly complained on weibo, @ hungry? Online reservation responded: "I'm very sorry to bring you trouble, the hungry person direct messages you immediately, the specific situation of the communication, solve your doubt".

Ms. Li told the aurora, on January 7 and 8, hungry? Platform have contact her.Weibo last night after the spread, hungry platform to contact her again, and said the room clerk haven't orders for two months, may be the room clerk sent a lot of guests this text messages, "to show the effects on the I, send me one hundred red envelopes."

this afternoon, the aurora call a yu many times, but each other and then hang up the phone.Hungry? Customer service personnel to introduce to the aurora, is actively follow up the matter, particular case later told the aurora will be clearly understood.

hungry any response to the matter said, surveyed the member involved distribution, the distribution agent admitted that message is for the hair, but in the products put on the "foreign material" as the arrogation, for the "gas in" user.To the user of this behavior, he expressed regret and remorse, and willing to bear all responsibility.Hungry? "with very deeply sorry" for users, promised compensation packages, and seriously deal with this matter.

hungry formal response to this matter, the full text is as follows:

about "a distribution agent in delivery" on the foreign body of case

late January 6, hungry? Customer service from the stagnation of receiving user @ first sunshine telephone complaints, according to receive malicious message, doubt marki have on the foreign body in to their own products.After receiving complaints, hungry will issue as being P0 level (highest priority), customer service, instant delivery, such as food safety department emergency start the accountability mechanism, pursue their orders, restaurants and distribution member information.

based on the limited information, after 4 days is verified, we will involved marki locking for a crowdsourcing distribution platform of a rider.

in the middle of September, 2016, user @ produced the stagnation of the sun By hungry platforms in the order with a hunan museum, restaurant in one of its own choice crowdsourcing distribution platform distribution requirements, involved marki rob after single distribution, for failing to find a user address had a quarrel with the user.After receiving the products, the user complaints regarding the delivery service to the owner.On January 6, 2017, the distribution agent send malicious messages to the user revenge.

hungry surveyed the member involved distribution, the distribution agent admits the above message is for the hair, but said on the foreign bodies in the products to cheat said, for the "gas in" user.To the user of this behavior, he expressed regret and remorse, and willing to bear all responsibility.

here, hungry? The user @ produced the stagnation of the sun My deep regret, promised to give compensation and serious attention to this matter.Due to this order in hungry platform, hungry? Part of distribution and its subordinate crowdsourcing distribution platform is put forward a claim for compensation, and reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

thank you for the supervision of the media and netizens to hungry?.


on January 10, 2017

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