Analyst: 8 will let apple iPhone is a year of success

according to foreign media the Cult of Mac reported that Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley) predicted, due to various factors, apple will usher in a very successful year, including the much-anticipated iPhone 8, etc., and loyalty from Chinese consumers will make the iPhone sales growth of 20% in the China market.

in fact, in the past period of time, analysts forecast for the future of the company are not so positive.However, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Hubert that opponents too much attention to the recent rumors from supply chain, but also did not notice the three potential factors favorable for apple.

analyst: 8 will let apple iPhone for successful year

the first factor is the next iPhone.Based on earlier rumors, iPhone 8 will use new design, and is equipped with A surface of OLED display, wireless charging technology and series A faster processor.The second factor is that apple now in overseas bank of about $216 billion of overseas funds.The third factor is up to 11% of the tax breaks.

in addition, for investors, after several quarters of weak demand, they face the biggest controversy lies in the iPhone in the Chinese market is risk or opportunities.Katy Hubert, said Chinese consumers to apple's loyalty is very high.She blamed weak demand on the iPhone 7 series no redesign, and this problem will be solved in 2017.

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