Mr. Ma's ambition: make Banks, to make the hospital!


jack ma, this man, ambitious, because he has ambition and vision, just have today such status and wealth.On the CCTV program "dialogue" of finance and economics, lenovo's founder liu chuanzhi when it comes to first impression of jack ma, not because of Mr. Ma's appearance, but because of his talk, talk very easily.Liu chuanzhi also suspicious of what Mr Ma said, Mr. Ma said in a few years to the flow of taobao do tens of billions, this is jack ma, the ambition.

ma's ambition: to make Banks, to make the hospital!

it has been proved that Mr Ma is not brag, this year's double tenth Tmall 120.7 billion huge sales performance to prove.

ma's ambition: to make Banks, to make the hospital!

front said, jack ma, ambitious, in addition to this, ma and other planning for the future.One is that the Banks and the other one is a hospital.

do you remember ma years ago on the screen said that sentence: if the bank does not change, we change the bank.This is also one of Mr. Ma's ambitions.Pay treasure to the emergence of the pressure to the bank, Banks have begun to change the business, but seems to have missed the good opportunity.Pay treasure first to grab the payments, then move into the financial sector, ma single-handedly built sesame credit system is to subvert the traditional bank credit reporting way, with the ants spend bai, represented by bai and give him money to small enterprises and individual consumer credit, this also ignore the local bank.These money artifact opened in sesame points as a standard, bai and borrow bai asked sesame points in more than 600 points, give him money for sesame points in more than 550 points, their highest limit is three hundred thousand, three thousand, the average daily interest reversal pattern of traditional credit of Banks.

ma's ambition: to make Banks, to make the hospital!

alipay was forced to realize charging, ma and then open a bank electronic retailing, continue to implement free.Officially opened in June last year, give him the bank, as a strong backing of alipay, give him the bank's power to be reckoned with, half a year's time, give him the bank provides financial services for the 80 small micro enterprises, total loans of up to 45 billion.

jack ma once said a words: give him bank main source of funds must not absorb public deposits, temporary not consider profit at the same time five years!In a word almost let Banks to shame.

ma's ambition: to make Banks, to make the hospital!

about hospital, earlier on alibaba launched ali "hospital" future plan, is now facing the whole country.

at present, the country already has more than 700 hospital to realize the cooperation of alipay, patients directly using alipay to complete the booking, pay cost, obtain the report, such as procedures, directly to solve the problem to the people, see a doctor difficult, line up long.In addition, the patient also is expected to achieve through the pay treasure to evaluate hospitals and doctors, promoting hospitals and doctors to change service attitude directly.Even in peacetime accumulated sesame points can also come in handy, sesame points in more than 650 points the user can also choose preferred to see a doctor, it's time to test character.

ma's ambition: to make Banks, to make the hospital!

"Mr. Ma's hospital" is not only for urban citizens, and also serve the people.After launching the rural TaoBaoZhan also come in handy, common people can through the local rural taobao service station for video, prescribing ideas after diagnosis, delivery to your door, the entire price transparency, let "dirty" clinics and hospitals "hiding".

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