Nokia has nothing to miss

nokia have nothing to miss

yesterday was the iPhone release the 10th anniversary of the same day as the released WeChat applet.

these two things is a big issue for developers, we Chinese have the Internet, over the years to earn some money, first of all to thank someone invented the search engine, will thank Steve invented the iPhone later, this is the precondition of the programmers, who made his fortune.

this two years had WeChat public, writing, painting, literature and art can get rich, such as the recent uncle lee called animal sex a billion, fellows being bought two, ten books to get 60 million financing, of course, we also to be grateful.

but in this day, we chat in the tenth anniversary of the iPhone and WeChat small programs.There is a group of people is much bigger than we talking about another thing, nokia's return.

nokia's return to the matter, foxconn is designed and produced a red rice configuration, process and huawei honor, AD stay in Mr Luo also didn't do a hammer before the mobile phone industry average of one thousand yuan of smartphones, then put the nokia's brand, with a name "6" with Chinese characteristics, a home appliance business in China on the exclusive sales, will sell for 1699 yuan.

do that last time the company is located in zhejiang province, registered in Shanghai Italian leonardo Da Vinci furniture.

Da Vinci furniture is said to cheat, but nokia said the phone was some media "or" Finland, certainly not the article of a "solid work", "feel good", "meet the demand of daily" such words will never go wrong.

media is the old is not rare, they wrote so many years of evaluation, is for the sake of the writing task as soon as possible to the artificial intelligence.But widely spread-and deeply felt to support nokia users really many, also derailed sicheng Chen today video has not been exposed before, they occupy my weibo Timeline a lot of time.The return of the king, the first android phones, nokia to hit is the key word.

I really don't know what they are really miss?

in the days of nokia, we use the design in arts and crafts, photo is enough to kill card machine's iPhone, meet the daily needs at the same time, there are 1000 yuan, 2000 yuan when they ran a points, 3000 yuan of day to day to day air android in China.

some, quality, but nokia in addition to hit jokes, what's good quality?

some, conscience, ten thousand big plastic use for so many years, average housing prices in Beijing flagship on selling price of 6999, 10000, ten thousand in the end, the bottom is 2000.Until the decline of nokia has yet to come up with a design of the N9, when the design has been used to close.

some, spirit, although a company has 100 years history in the seven eight main business has been a professional managers cultivate the spirit of craftsman in power on?

there are those who say it's warmth.Once nokia's welfare is very good, but when layoffs sticks to attack as violence, but the highest market share of nokia (China) the first layoffs.This group of people to foreign companies for the middle-aged elite again to work very hard.

there are ever symbian developers are affected by what sin, compared to the iOS developer on the highway, they use a cart to the software on a metalled road, finally is considered out of date, in addition to UC browser and sell to big companies team, few realize business value.

in nokia's success on the one hand is the "science and technology to change shell for this" machine sea tactics, on the other hand is very channel system that fits the situation in China, "FD province generation".Built a sales channel system of colin giles is Australia's version of "duan yongping paid", very familiar with the mystery of the channels and marketing, is the key of nokia in China.So after he left the nokia can lenovo, huawei's breath away several companies.

means that you spend a lot of money, are used in channel and the shell, you still so miss.

I guess isn't wait until after the 90 old, they will miss the blue green giant OPPO and VIVO, they took so many star advertising, miss miss "charging for five minutes, calls for two hours," the AD how classic.

so nokia's return to China, in my opinion, is a test, test the Chinese market and how many fools.

eight thousand yuan to 1699 yuan, that means the nokia brand premium is 699 yuan, according to the current exchange rate is $100.The nokia brand selling HMD and foxconn unit price is $350 million, the Chinese market need at least 3.5 million fool they can recover the cost.

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