Africa's newbest mobile phone from China, but you haven't heard its name!

about domestic mobile phone, you first think of is China m o d, little imagine, a not well-known mobile phone manufacturer in shenzhen and the sound, but in the distant Africa "focusing of making a fortune.Silent and cultivated in Africa for eight years, shipments, is ahead and the sound is worthy of the name "the king of Africa".

Africa newbest mobile phone from China, but you certainly haven't heard its name!

in the first half of 2016, the domestic mobile phone sales in overseas more than one hundred million units, huawei, lenovo, zte these three sales of nature is well established companies, but, surprisingly, the name is the sound of China mobile operators has sold 32.86 million units, ranking the first!And domestic almost don't have any news about it.

Africa newbest mobile phone from China, but you certainly haven't heard its name!

what ghost call cell phone?

in fact, the sound is not a brand, but the name of the company, full name is call holding co., LTD in shenzhen.Founded in 2006, the company owns TECNO, itel and Infinix mobile phone brand, with ultra high performance-to-price ratio and good localization strategy in the African market to occupy as much as 40% of the market.

in 2006, the sound like shenzhen huaqiang north other handset makers from ODM, but soon also trapped by the homogeneity of the price war, two years later was forced on the brand.Policy, however, were not completely liberalized, channel costs are high and level, if not millions of capital basic didn't get to play, it made a few minutes is rich myths, but die more often.After comparison, Africa as the last one has not yet been attaches great importance to the market is becoming the most preferred the sound.

Africa newbest mobile phone from China, but you certainly haven't heard its name!

Africa is second only to China, India, the world's third market, a population of 1 billion level.When some people impression of Africa still in poverty, primitive, savage, and the war, when closed, the founder of ZhuZhaoJiang observed in Africa only a few brands such as samsung, nokia, the mobile phone market competition is relatively much smaller than other markets.

TECNO and itel is call foster's oldest and one of the most popular brand in Africa: the former price is higher, aimed at the high-end consumers, more sense of form a complete set of marketing strategies;The price is low, aimed at young consumers, so the market promotion main label and lively, personality.In 2012, call again in in smartphones, comprehensive Infinix intelligent high-end mobile phone brands.

8 years of localization path

at the time of nokia's monopoly of the world, Africa, and even the whole world call chose the challenger will choose a brand differentiation positioning: the cost performance.The TECNO phones sold dozens of dollars, nokia/samsung's 50% of the price.The performance perfectly is more CARDS."Africa between the operators of settlement costs is very high, many users need two more mobile phone card, but cannot afford two cell phones," said chun-chieh liu, the user (best is Chinese manufacturers.In order to emphasize brand differences, TECNO once launched four card mobile phone.

Africa newbest mobile phone from China, but you certainly haven't heard its name!

more important localization is "sincerity"."At that time, Africa is a supply and marketing mode, shopping environment is very poor, we first set up customer service center, not only service, at least give a person feel 'aggressiveness; then the street, a wide range of advertising marketing, advertising each year level compared to other brands in other areas may not much, key people didn't do so in Africa."Chun-chieh liu said, nokia, samsung, and didn't see Africa as key markets also let it.

meanwhile, chun-chieh liu has stressed the sound "to create a Shared corporate values."African political, religious, are very complicated, people trust value is highlighted at this time, we have been through so many years of service details to establish the trust of the agent."Chun-chieh liu told reporters, the SMW is different from other brand agent credit 1 ~ 3 months, the agents are all cash transactions.

in 2012, smart phones, began to appear in the African call also africans against doing a characteristic development.Such as set up for the gap between the rich and the poor environment Infinix, high-end brand TECNO and low-end brand itel;And on the product details, all the people all over the world the most look at the pictures and socially, according to the characteristics of African skin color and the sound of mobile phones is different from other face recognition, but through the eyes, teeth, and exposure compensation;There is also the only global a cross-functional machine, smart social software Palm chat, more than 100 million registered users.

how depth to understand the needs of the African consumers?According to introducing, the sound is not only has r&d center in shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, in Paris, France has a cooperative design team, and in Africa's most populous country Nigeria's Lagos, Kenya's capital, Nairobi, set up r&d center, the latter two r&d center is mainly for localization work, is committed to improve the function of APP application, etc., in order to enhance the user experience.

top Africa, be mistaken for a German manufacturing

Africa newbest mobile phone from China, but you certainly haven't heard its name!

in 2015, the south African Business magazine substitutes the Business's annual "top 100" consumer favorite brand in Africa, according to the TECNO ranked 16th, after samsung, nokia, apple, but ahead of SONY, GUCCI, brands such as Microsoft, boarded the list together with itel brand, ranked 51, ahead of nissan, LV, Google, etc.

in fact, in the early years, nokia has not decline nokia TECNO is known as Africa.Today, TECNO in many African countries, not only sales lead, market share first, and is regarded as a representative of the high-end brand, became the most popular local brand.

in Africa, TECNO, itel brand is often mistaken for local brands or German brand, even if the substitutes the Business making a list of the magazine in such brand would have itel mistakenly as Africa.Chun-chieh liu recalled, in Cameroon in 2010 on a business trip with a casual TECNO mobile phone users to chat, talking about the source of the brand, the other party said: "this is made in Germany, good quality."Such evaluation that pleases him, also some mixed feelings.

as China's domestic mobile phone tends to saturation, many enterprises are to see the potential of the African market, many mobile operators began to "eye" Africa so fat.At the same time, as the second step in the company's global strategy, call announced officially in 2016 into the emerging markets of India.Just, in the face of so many competitors, the route of "rural areas to encircle the cities" alternative, wonder if I can achieve the real breakthrough.

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