Know why these just understand huawei honor magic dare to sell so expensive

on December 16, huawei honor in conference held in shenzhen, released the glorious future mobile phone magic, at once on the same day on sale and second sale xin.Although said the goods is not much, but also reflects the high of everyone's attention.Is going to be fired to the rhythm of the tens of thousands of yuan, and many would say he carry kirin 950 pit, actually there's no magic find glory of these features.I feel the glory magic is also a good mobile phone, for the following reasons: know why these just understand huawei honor magic dare to sell less expensive

  1. subversive, artificial intelligent design.

    huawei honor magic will be smart phones, combined with the future development trend of artificial intelligence, it can sense the user habit.The initiative to provide you with some corresponding services.You find the cinema, for example, it will automatically give you show your conversion code, etc., is very convenient.

  2. implements more high-level hardware and software collaborative features below.

    the past ordinary Android Android phones are under the condition of pyramiding hardware, with Google Android, closely to make it optimization.Glory magic this phone with a wide range of the sensor, the sensor in real time to harvest some data, through the powerful processor performance, after operation, provide convenience for your next actions.

  3. learning your habits.

    this is also this kind of mobile phone is the most horrible place, he constantly learning habit of users, when you need to take the initiative to jump out of the app, such as when you go out in the morning you need to look at the map, or use drops call a car, and then you go out she has been active to open the software, check to you good line, this time you only need to click ok, is it science fiction?

  4. user recognition, not your phone, you want to use?No way!

    this is the mobile phone can identify the owner of smartphone, when you pick up the phone, with his eyes looking at it, it automatically bright screen, when you put down the phone, it will automatically screen out.Others pick up the phone, he gave me a look, ah, this is not my master, it will only show some simple function, or it is only through the password to enter, privacy, security is there?

  5. hardware is not the most powerful, but enough.

    the last point I talked about hardware.Because hardware development to a certain degree, as long as meet the basic functions can be, he is not the most important thing, and this kind of mobile phone 5.1 inch 2 k8 curved surface screen, kirin carrying 950 processors, with 4 gb and 64 gb of memory, 2900 milliampere graphene batteries, 30 minutes with 90% of the electricity.

know why these just understand huawei honor magic dare to sell less expensive

said so many advantages, also something about weaknesses!

it is only with the kirin 950, kirin 960 is better!2 it is to say good eight curved surface screen, the curvature some net friend called him the eight curved glass.3 it is cost up to 3699, glory do high-end series, I think a little big span, the price is a little high.Four is the camera like this is what the devil anyway I am not used to.

know why these just understand huawei honor magic dare to sell less expensive

summary, this is a bold attempt of glory, there are a lot of innovation, though some leap in some places, there are some deficiencies, but on the whole, or a mobile phone is good, he in the evolution from hardware to software, can say is that huawei yu also said, this is his brave attempt, try thumb up for this time, I hope she progress faster and faster, better and better.

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