Letv real rivals emerge, or implement corner overtaking

Letv real rivals emerge, or implement corner overtaking

since Jia Yueting publicly acknowledge funding crisis, crisis is like a pair of dominoes, Letv ecological multiple business overshadowed, even in some extreme sound, can vaguely heard the rubble Letv empire collapsed.

but easy covered the noise point is: the crisis, because of the relatively healthy cash flow, Letv television did not become the "next" is pulled down dominoes.Not only the Jia Yueting said: even Letv next year to form a positive cash flow, shoulder a profit the standard is the Internet television business.

it is not difficult to understand, open Letv ecology, even in a whirl of elegy, the television business is reassuring one bright spot of the whole ecological environment, nearly ten million sales to walk in the "profit margin".And then into the bureau of the smart phone, and will be Letv compared bogged down in the car business, Internet TV the runway to relatively safer.

emerged in 2012, a few short years, Internet TV penetration rate was more than 80%, young users in the shortest possible time to complete the "television as an Internet terminal" concept upgrade, it is behind the huge business opportunities.In front of the huge opportunity, however, is the player almost bitter "living room".Although the Internet now like to talk about "second half" often, but the Internet TV may also have to make the half of the first half, traditional manufacturers and Internet companies are trying to onboard.

data show that the total number of Internet TV brand has nearly 20, and the traditional flat TV brand, and when the market was quickly drawn to phase in the inventory of zero-sum game and greater competition is unavoidable.So you can imagine, the class bully Letv moment in a state of alert, also afraid of competitors corner overtaking.

the problem: in the "bad" list, the Letv exactly who is considered the most terrifying opponent?

Letv what be afraid of it?

recently, in an interview with tencent's science and technology, Letv TV President admitted to: from the industry, the most let Letv concern is ali and the whale.This is a very carefully thought about the answer.

intuition will know, ali's comprehensive and resources make Letv fear: content, users, and the most important capital, ali a don't lack, such as to say: "all Letv need him, the only, no we earlier than he is."Compared with the giant, ali, in the eyes of outsiders, the name of the micro whale slightly surprised - shouldn't be millet?Share, in an interview to reveal his core whales use the power of the capital circle to hundreds of million, completely through content and hardware, and this is likely to hit a nerve Letv television.

logic also is easy to understand, in the capital, the threshold of Internet TV industry has long been high, both "first half" and "second half", the future of hardware, software, content, Internet service on investment be short of one cannot.In the words of tecent science and technology, to the enemy in his eyes has been or is likely to be heavily in hand, the local tyrants, as long as the running in the correct path, capital strength is to be reckoned with.

in the two putative foe, ali since don't have to say more - dimension itself is power, it is worth analyzing micro whale, less than two years old, after all, it has become the largest Internet TV field variables.To accept an interview at the same time, almost to the micro whale technology vice President wen-yi wang said in a speech very confident: " a lot of investors are asking me, what is your business model? Of the company? What is the whale not to the company, because no one company can from the media to the Internet to consumer electronics, and focus on the family on the Internet. "

and seven different ecological business layout, focus on micro whales may be more terrible.

content layout: micro whales back to the Chinese culture, the new mode innovation content cocktail

Letv real rivals emerge, or implement corner overtaking

to fear that whales, because behind the "matrix" of Chinese culture of the whole industry chain through ability.In fact, is driven with content, soft hard integration is micro whales swim along the way, and Chinese culture in the cultural industry chain resources advantage undoubtedly for the whale to develop channel.List the capital operation of Chinese culture in the past few years, establishing the Oriental dreamworks with Hollywood, its content is almost not far in the content industry chain layout (by the way, such as the list of reed {langya} "ode to joy" kung fu panda 3 "are actually part of Chinese culture), and, more importantly, with general private equity funds are different, the Chinese culture to focus on building ecological layout in the field of young group.

Letv real rivals emerge, or implement corner overtaking

last year started the whale is the important composition of ecological, in Chinese culture such as Warner Brothers, Oriental dreamworks, star TV, TVB, the body such as the dynamic investment platform, hardware platform by micro whale output, the content of the Chinese culture for many years deep, hardware platform and the precipitation in turn.This also means that grade gently micro whale born with a certain ecological attribute, it will work with the Chinese culture in other areas the layout of the convergent evolution, undertake through tools in the industry of important mission.

content will always be barriers to competition in Internet TV "arms race".On the content, the whale is not to take, such as Letv Qian Hao bet on IP, it integrates the ali, tencent, mango TV large content platform resources, such as introducing mass IP head, at the same time to the BBC, Hollywood, each top-level sports also tucked into combat readiness content library.

the content of supply of the Internet age, the long tail failure gradually, head instead of resources is the core competitiveness, head of resources is one of the important social currency meet group sense of belonging.So in the whale "cocktail" logic, the head and tail distinct: the upper, produced by micro whale custom fine content is among, the bottom is massive amounts of content.Reflects on the data, in the "Top 10 and Top 20" program in micro whale cover very much, more than other competitive brands;In the field of Internet TV, with 5.4 hours of every user is also very proud.Compared with small whales, Letv choice since the packages listed since the content of the play, means that it is unlikely to complete special depth of content resources integration, this may be one of the reasons for its courage small whales.

and, more importantly, the content of the Chinese culture layout is still going on.More recently, the new round of investment objects to determine - well quickly.High-yun fei said, has been to invest in well quickly, layout is used to improve the field of video channels.Until June of this year has 40 million days to live well quickly, become a B standing outside and pears video important pieces in the field of Chinese culture in the video.

online + offline cooperative diversity micro whales all channel layout

Letv real rivals emerge, or implement corner overtaking

but in addition to the content, the whale competitors to fear, and the "whale" to its name to give the redundancy is not consistent speed slow.In less than two years, the whale finished the from 78 to 40 inches, from plane to surface product line layout, also completed the overall layout of the channels.

in order to get through consumption, in the television market 70% ownership under the background of offline, micro whale quickly establishing and perfecting the offline channel, store Numbers is jumped, and more open in the sales channels, and chose not to store, but grafting in mature system, such as home appliance sells is planning across the country set up 1000 service center at the county level, development 100000 villages.

this is almost always Letv "negative", and look at the smartphone battle now, to the attention of the offline channel that micro whales the significance of these measures.

focus on continuous innovation, the whale's technical strength

Letv real rivals emerge, or implement corner overtaking

of course, in the process of increasingly free and open Internet, the future of the biggest barriers to technology itself is the most possible, expand the possibility of a technical level, is the heart to the future of science and technology enterprises must practice will options - and this is also the micro one of the reasons why whales worthy opponents fear.According to the science and technology of whales, vice President of wen-yi wang said: "in terms of innovation, we have one thousand employees in 600 is a research and development personnel, a software engineer for nearly more than 400. At the same time also to silicon valley, and the MIT media lab, in the big data, the depth of artificial intelligence to do joint research and development, the research and development achievements in three years will fall on our products."

if a catch-all category, in my opinion, the Internet TV field, compared with Letv ecological "since the package from LAN", and other brands in the process of "combination of hard and soft" dilemma, because of the running-in were micro ecological pattern more freedom, and more focused.They don't have the production of mobile phones and multi-line business sectors such as cars, although the intelligent hardware, micro whales also in VR projection and intelligence, but these business, are better together, in order to more complete intelligent home entertainment only the layout of the scene.

under the trend of consumption upgrade, younger users who have the world

Letv real rivals emerge, or implement corner overtaking

but in the face of the changing times, the whale focus also accord with the grand narrative of consumption upgrading.Want to know, this round of wave of consumption upgrade is from the spatial properties such as food and clothing live line, in time, such as entertainment properties, with a high quality content for users is worth more attention, but Letv as to say actually sacrifice the quality of content and for the great leap forward and expansion.And micro whale not only focus on Internet home entertainment, but also guaranteed user market judgment, the young choose William endorsement from the recent marketing, we will vigorously support young users favorite variety show, constantly with e-sports and secondary yuan young culture content, the whale "for the younger generation born different" brand position, will be young people more like in the future.

than rivals fear thus Letv TV micro, micro whale of no on the concept of the company may be more accord with people's cognitive today: because, from a more macro point of view, said companies in the Internet age, the biggest rival is not bad, but in this era.

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