Science: diabetes Gospel!Artificial islet B cells

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on December 8, the new study, published online in Science shows, Ethiopia's scientists successfully produced through simple engineering method of artificial simulation of islet B cells, the cells can effectively control the blood glucose levels in diabetics.

diabetes worldwide influence inspired millions of people.The typical features of diabetes is high blood sugar, with the passage of time will lead to serious complications, including cardiovascular disease and kidney failure.Insulin secretion from pancreatic islet B cell function is, scientists expect to have been able to generated by inducing islet B cells to treat diabetes.In previous studies, the scientists by adding the growth factor or through gene regulation in inducing stem cell differentiation and mature to islet B cells.

on December 8, published in Science, according to a new study led by professor Martin Fussenegger Ethiopia team through simple engineering method to produce the artificial simulation of islet B cell.And artificial simulation of islet B cell has all the features of the pancreatic islet B cells, such as measuring the concentration of glucose in the blood, produce large amounts of insulin effectively reduce blood glucose levels.

researchers in human kidney cells (HEK cells for cell lines, by building links calcium ion and stimulate transcription cascade signal closed loop, promote the insulin gene expression control, realize the regulation of blood sugar levels.

researchers in building the artificial simulation of the islet B cells: the natural glucose transporters to HEK cells in the blood glucose transporter to the interior of the cell.When blood glucose levels more than threshold, potassium channels closed.The voltage distribution on the membranes of the change, calcium ion channels to open.With calcium ions into the cell, HEK cells cascade signal will be triggered, leading to insulin or glp-1 (genes) promote insulin secretion of produce and secrete.

on diabetes mice experiment results show that the artificial simulation of islet B cell therapy effect is very good, when converted HEK cells implanted diabetic mice, sustainable work three weeks, the cells and produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels.

in addition, the researchers with the aid of the Zurich polytechnic university professor Stelling Jorg created a computer model to help.This model has been shown to predict cell behavior.The researchers said, the experiment data and use the model to calculate the data is almost the same.

Fussenegger team has long been dedicated to the study by using biological technology to treat diabetes.A few months ago, they reveal the human body adipose tissue of mature stem cells can differentiate into islet B cells, but the technology cost is very big, so practical received a limit.Fussenegger new research team of low cost and is suitable for all people with diabetes.

however, these artificial simulated islet B cells in a short period of time can not be applied to the market, this experiment first must go through a variety of clinical trial, can be used in human.The researchers estimate that if no accident, this research could reach the market within the next 10 years.

Science: diabetes Gospel! Artificial islet B cells appeared

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