Sichuan heavy pollution weather emergency inspection source Chengdu investigated outdoor barbecue, 685 a day

sichuan heavy pollution weather emergency inspection source Chengdu one day outdoor barbecue 685

Beijing, chengdu, 4 dec 4 (reporter zhang wave) sichuan a strongest winter dense fog.On the same day, heavy pollution weather emergency headquarters office of sichuan province increased power to mianyang, neijiang, luzhou and zigong city in heavy pollution weather emergency and response measures to carry out the situation for investigations, the key area of chengdu, deyang, yibin has carried on the inspection again.

in chengdu, according to the heavy pollution weather level 3 emergency warning instructions, relevant departments to strengthen supervision, and urge the district county (city) to carry out the various emergency measures, December 4, 512 checks in the whole city for gas enterprises.Punishment 39 sites;To investigate and punish violations, slag car 87, investigate the barbecue 685, open burning, 34, sprinkler 4065 trains, the irrigation area of 173.57 million square meters.

zigong: city, district two levels of the atmosphere in 19 passengers, to 56 construction projects, more than 90 road, 3 business mix enterprises examined, asked all of the construction engineering construction in strict accordance with the civilized construction "six must, mustn't" assignment, reduce dust pollution;The trees, the streets every day at least 1 time washing dedusting, fog camion was carried out on the main road dust homework;FuShun County atmosphere do organizations held a heavy pollution emergency preparedness the weather will be.

ziyang city: strengthen patrol, the disposal of the nan jun road Chinese repair shop doorway two burning phenomenon, and the criticism to the personnel education;To strengthen the normal sprinkler frequency region near the school;In chaoyang garden phase iv vehicle wash the site does not reach the designated position problem rectification, strengthen the vehicle washing in and out of the site.Increase the intensity of municipal road flushing, moist on the road.DuZhaBan transfer problem for the processing, the dust does not reach the designated position, screamo garden site to arrange the rectification immediately.Straw burning inside the Tuo east new district situation has carried on the inspection, found no combustion conditions.Wild goose jiang district environmental protection law enforcement officers on surrounding shut down after the coal mill supervision.

inspector found all across the fog weather, continue to take strong measures to deal with heavy pollution weather.But also found that the second ring road and 3rd ring of chengdu encircle and hunt down on the part of the construction site, site have uncovered bare soil phenomenon.Longquan automobile avenue road dust, waste residue bare phenomenon is outstanding, have open grinding operation situation, longquan encircle and hunt down the main construction site is not standard.Deyang city lushan road pavement construction engineering cleaning measures were in place, the bare soil is not covered.In the old part of mianyang city road dust pollution.Neijiang, while luzhou, yibin road dust pollution.Zigong high-tech zone osmanthus street vehicles with mud on the road, open cut did not wet my homework.Inspection around heavy pollution weather will continue to deal with work for investigations.(finish)

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