Chengdu, sichuan electric power supply company developed table connection tester

chengdu of sichuan electric power supply company developed the household table connection tester

smart meter connection tester.

on November 23, in sichuan chengdu, jinjiang district, xing-cheng jiayuan district (iii) intelligent electric unit box, to the north of chengdu power supply company customer service information with table, squad leader zhang jian to open a small instrument - CB - JCY smart meter wire tester, has tested the new 432 smart meters on the wiring.Two and a half hours later, zhang jian declared: "all right."

field staff de-jian huang think of last year, he and small weeks in electric meter on both ends of the line through the radio to check for: "hey, I found the door line has a problem, but also do not know which door with wrong..."

at that time, the north and the rotation of the customer service information, the new smart meters close to 100000.In order to ensure the connection is correct, not occur the phenomenon such as a table list of users, technical personnel must examine the acceptance just mount of watt-hour meter, found the problem corrected immediately.

because there was no corresponding test equipment, test work only two people came to families in groups, after a power outage of electric meter for wiring of artificial check on both ends of the qualification, and through the intercom to exchange ideas, finally determine the wiring is correct.Only 1 meter check time 5 minutes, time-consuming, low efficiency, and accuracy is not high, high-quality service risk.

in September last year, zhang jian and his team is determined to change all that.He applied to electric power supply company in chengdu for the scientific and technological innovation projects, decided to independent research and development testing instrument.After work, zhang jian and filial piety still visit related manufacturers, access to a large number of data, the trial and error.At the end of last year, a larger, limited meter connection tester was born.Although in the process of testing to using a multimeter, and no data storage and transmission function, but through the field trial confirmed that instrument detection rate than artificial detection speed, and higher accuracy.

then, zhang jian and served filial piety kettle serious study and science compared to an electronic equipment company in shenzhen and xi 'an some instrumentation company of similar products, found that the two instruments manufacturer, larger weight about 5 kg.The former to use multimeter test, have storage capabilities, but unable to transmit data;The latter has no storage and data transmission function.Zhang jian and kettle in filial piety, respectively the advantages of the two factory equipment, combined with their own ideas, improve the independent innovation of the instrument.At the end of October this year, a lower cost, the production process is not complicated new testing instrument is finally successful.

"more than 20 cm long, only more than 10 cm wide, isn't it?"Looked at in front of the "artifact," I asked.

"to, small volume, light weight, only 0.5 kg, a person can be."Zhang jian is pleased to have said, "now testing without the aid of the multimeter 12 meters, only one instrument can detect at the same time display data within 10 seconds, detection of 12 watch about 4 ~ 5 minutes. In the case of hand cut in half, 14 times more work efficiency improved, with 100% accuracy. At the same time, my instrument and storage capabilities, can also be quickly to transmit data to the computer storage and analysis......"

north of chengdu electric power supply company customer service branch, head of the knowledge of the detection of the equipment at the scene said: "this device is not only smart, practical and easy to carry and operate, is a great innovation and breakthrough meter wiring detection, can save a lot of manpower and material resources, improve the working efficiency and accuracy of the scene, is worth popularization and application."

zhang jian, said the next they will mass production and put into use, the device will also be actively applied science and technology innovation and technology patent.

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