Honeycomb joint where 2016 special intelligent technology DemoDay

November 30, the

the message in the afternoon, the beehive, where is cast, AI where 2016 jointly organized the accelerator Demo Day dream town in hangzhou, activity had invited holley group, ginkgo valley capital, capital, Tun large-scale investment, pricewaterhousecoopers, yuan wo origin, farce ocean lianchuang, blue stones, help real capital, capital investment, thick fiscal capital investment institutions and so on more than 50 guests, the scene participation is more than 500 people, the passion of winter roadshow, lit dream town entrepreneurial hub again!Honeycomb CEO Yuan Xing attend activities and do the host address.honeycomb joint where 2016 special intelligent technology DemoDay

honeycomb CEO Yuan Xing

this Demo Day activities, the organizers for investment people carefully selected the 11 excellent entrepreneurial projects, involving health, artificial intelligence, cutting-edge technology fields such as virtual reality, they have focused on doing the best virtual reality foot device of "reality of the virtual";Have on C2E type real estate marketing platform, to connect much earlier buyers and developers "tao house little";Have WebPACS based medical diagnosis platform of cloud, with power of the image change medical "adai jiang information";Have express intelligent customer service and value-added service providers, let express customer service more intelligent "express" , etc.

excellent science and technology projects have achieved breakthrough from 0 to 1, the roadshow ceos with their business models and passion moved by the presence of investor, everyone get multiple project investment institutions intention, "little" tao room belonging to A room with A couple of science and technology but also completed the amount of ten million yuan of A round of funding, led by jun embellish investment, its investment in hangzhou, Shanghai Permian investment, famous Xie Zhongshi individual investors to vote.honeycomb joint where 2016 special intelligent technology DemoDay

roadshow site

(note: room couple technology brands "Chinese", "little" tao room relying on ali big data, joint taobao property, development for brokerage, cloud talk, tao tao room room treasure, cloud choose room, cloud auction N types of Internet marketing new gameplay innovation, through entire network advertising resources, import high quality cooperation module, and "green city", "vanke" and "letter", "gold base" and so on several hundred strong enterprise, form a long-term strategic cooperative relations, accumulated a good reputation in the field of real estate.)

the rest in the middle of the road link, days as a founder of the biological did share his entrepreneurial experience.Entrepreneurship "savage growth" on the road did a guest to their share in the process of the development of the day as a biological setbacks and grow, and also with himself as an example in detail elaborated the startup of the importance of enterprise culture construction, but also with the presence of gen geeks many heartfelt Suggestions were put forward, and his share won the applause.honeycomb joint where 2016 special intelligent technology DemoDay

in the round table BBS link, the organizers also honored to invited to Tun li3 jia3 tiger, large-scale investment general manager yuan from origin partners, ginkgo Wang Hailin valley capital partners, to help real capital partner dong, thick investment partner ZhuGeBin five professional investors gathered for entrepreneurs to share their thoughts.

Tun rings, general manager of investment li3 jia3 tiger said: "the capital of winter" phenomenon of because investment is cyclical, with hot there must be cold, the first two years of the "double gen" must have a bubble, the bubble after surviving enterprises are in pursuit of profit, return to nature of business.Capital winter essence in forging the ability of the enterprise, at the same time also gave investors a better choice.

thick ZhuGeBin investment partners, don't think now is the so-called "capital of winter," he said, this year's investment is limited to the fall in the raised, originally early angel, and now is an even greater percentage of late.

a few years ago the bubble too big, and now the investment industry also is very normal one environment, no good projects will melt no money, can only say that the original valuation is too high, out of the normal value.During the bubble, money should not have happened to the money, the first two years of false demand and weak demand, through subsidies and market potential demand, only that the investors and entrepreneurs in a year or two before the good atmosphere "heads", and now return to a normal value.Thick investment has been measured from the nature of the business, a project of excellent program should provide valuable products and services to the society,.

help real capital partner dong said, if it is on the project, the amount of financing is not possible to get the money, the financing amount on the project party need to have a clear cognition.Now there are some very good projects, before may value is very high, but oneself also can break even, before may not want to financing, but in the winter capital instead, he has a strong desire to capital docking, if they want to reduce the price, let capital into take him walk at the back of the road, the entrepreneurs are relatively more mature and rational.

this Demo Day activity ended in gen geeks enthusiasm, honeycomb and cast where late will also host more investment and financing and docking activities, for more entrepreneurs to do better!

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