24 hours a day with dust Chengdu xindu startup emergency haze weather

24-hour processing dust Chengdu xindu startup emergency haze weather

west China metropolis daily news (reporter client Luo Qin) in recent days, chengdu continuous heavy pollution of weather, everyone is talking about haze.November 18, west China metropolis daily reporter learned from the chengdu district, in the face of increasingly severe pollution prevention and control of the situation, the new capital to continue polluting the dust weather emergency plan, focusing on mobile dust source, site inspection, volatile organic compounds and other pollution sources, such as new urban management department to carry out the dust control for 24 hours.

24-hour processing dust Chengdu xindu startup emergency haze weather

it is understood that at present, the district has the" triple "plan to" secondary "plan, strictly implement the" five check flushing ".Among them, the district dust do, urban and rural construction bureau, I'd (park) completes the site source control, the digging the embargo, to wash site entrances and surrounding roads.Arranged townships (park) the site management situation within their respective jurisdictions to conduct a comprehensive MoPai, encircle and hunt down strict construction site, to hunt down the site uncovered problems inside and outside naked soil

the xindu district transportation site have been suspended.In total 39 check the construction site, the scene to stop 11 and standardize the construction site.Important crossroads in the entire district set up six dust checkpoints, check the specifications of all kinds of transport vehicles 117.

on the other hand, a large outdoor barbecue for public opinion phenomenon, such as new urban management bureau continued to carry out outdoor barbecue renovation work, in view of the city road, tunnel crossing in and out of city and town street at open field encroachments barbecue, someone uninterrupted patrol, investigated refused to cooperate with the rectification of a barbecue stalls, focused specification city two barbecue, sorting out temporary outdoor barbecue at 25.

in order to deal with the weather, heavy pollution at present, the district continues to flush the dust removal work, increase the main trunk road in urban areas, into the city, the main trunk road and key areas of cleaning and flushing dust removal.District road 244 were flush out sprinkler, sanitation operating company personnel more than 1380 each, rinsing main trunk road, in city area of about 2.75 million square meters.

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