Mall shopping festival coming New retail is emerging

this year's double ten a electricity shopping carnival is coming, each big electric business done their homework, ready to make sales of new achievements in the electricity in the third quarter of this year.

in the traditional electricity is still hot today, called new retail format in quietly to grow.

with the industry pointed out that the so-called new retail is the online and offline and logistics together new formats.And logistics and third party information integration company, has played a major role, retail performance targets will be from a previous who do quickly, to zero inventory.

how to interpret the new retail, this cargo circle all founder zhang ze, points out that now the entire consumer B2B domain, everybody says doing electric business platform and platform of the order, but electricity and platform is not the same concept.

in zhangze view, the electricity business is business, its essence lies in the trade, traditional business of electronic called electricity.The core values, and platform is traffic."Want to get traffic, full and accurate content is indispensable, with accurate data, industry based on the use of data to the optimization of business operations, revenue, rationalization will play a huge role."Zhang ze said.

in new retail formats, the re-engineering of supply chain is one of the most critical areas.

ministry of international economic and technological cooperation center institute, wang wen pointed out that a tendency of the future manufacturing and zero industry is based on the large data data manufacturing and sales."From manufacturing to sales of each link, will use big data, through the big data production efficiency and sales."Wang wen on recently organized by easy network BBS said.

is a new phenomenon that occurs in the retail sector, the profitability of the large-scale comprehensive supermarket's appeared, and a convenience store and grocery store the beginning of the day was very good.According to Nielsen statistics, China's convenience store permeability, up from 32% last year to 38% this year.

Zhu Zhaorong, head of savills China shops, points out that in the city before 2, 30000 square meters large supermarket is very common, but now the big supermarkets began to return to the size of the 2000-3000 square meters, even smaller area.

"living an increasingly rapid pace of urban population, more and more busy, convenience stores and grocery become city people more convenient choice. On the other hand, large supermarkets are not necessarily is a professional and highly specific, which makes the competitiveness of large supermarkets has subsided, and the convenience store business only one reason for the better."Zhu Zhaorong in an interview with reporters, a big trend of retail, Internet and entity shop will complement each other.

in this area, the country's first grocery one-stop purchase price comparison platform cargo circle all become the new retail formats, fast growing up a case.

break fast elimination field stock information opaque, based on the comprehensive comparison, the supplier information to help grocery store boss is more convenient to find cheap wholesale channels, understand the product price information.Cargo circle will be built this B2B information platform, took the market last year has just entered the shenzhen no small repercussions, and are preparing to enter the other cities.

"we are all facing the whole country. The current focus on product optimization iteration and individual cities and a breakthrough, when a single city after reaching our goal, will accelerate in other cities."Cargo circle has said.

in Zhu Zhaorong point of view, the future of new retail formats in the management of the offline and online availability and the combination of logistics distribution will be more closely, could push out a large number of new innovative, strong growth of the new company soon."The company's growth speed quickly, do not rule out the possibility of the future will produce new retail giant."Zhu Zhaorong thought.

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