Emergence of the "black box" new way of communication

recently, communications industry and new products - DMS officially launched, by adopting the portable server and mobile APP, meet the needs of business people secure communications.

window: users with the "black box"

it is known that Internet communication products are currently on the market will chat user data is stored in the cloud, i.e. the Internet companies public server.And the general principles of the DMS in the opposite direction, will server privatization, the communication data is stored in the cloud, and in the user's own portable server.

the personage inside course of study introduces, a lot of people don't know, the Internet communication products, users can use, just phone to download a APP on the surface, actually cannot leave behind public server products suppliers.

but involving the business secret communication, it is better to server to privatisation, himself was in charge of the data, will be relatively more secure.The industry insiders said. "while DMS flux is to take users' personal portable server mode, protect the security of the communication data.

experience: the administrator rights first

according to experience, DMS works, through to the phone APP is the server owner, scan the qr code on the server as the administrator. Ordinary users require administrator invitation, register and login to direct messages APP, can chat with the administrator, can also be invited into the group chat, but in the same group members do not add as a friend, show the relationship between the administrator to the user of the comprehensive control.

" they have a server is a kind of sense of security, voice control is also a kind of sense of security."Said calculate cloud intelligence relevant controller introduces, the greatest characteristic of DMS flux is administrator privileges is supreme, by having the server and all-round control user relationship chain, to ensure the safety of communications. The future security communications will be a new blue ocean. Liu

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