Traditional instrumentation for industrial 4.0 will go?

traditional instrument for industrial 4.0 will go?

in the face of global change of industrial technology, automation, intelligence to become at present the development of control technology.To this, as the underlying data source monitoring instruments, industrial production will go from here?

observation instrumentation products, the market at present is not hard to find, a control circuit board, the proportion of the communication function of the previous two years has been improved significantly, and the improvement of instrument has the following three aspects: traditional instrument for industrial 4.0 will go?

, weakening control function

the so-called weakening control functions, is the instrument control circuit board, can be simple, do not need to access the PLC logic control equipment such as, also can achieve such as high and low limit alarm, and automatically adjust output signal, etc.

, communication function

pressure, temperature, flow rate, flow velocity, ph, etc., this is my work often contact monitoring, information design and development of the production line, the inevitable requirement is located at the central control room can monitor to these data, in the face of market demand communication function is more and more become one of the indispensable function instrument.

, a fault diagnosis function

line than traditional line automation, informationization, more responsible, equipment model is numerous, complicated structure, it also greatly increase the processing difficulty, when the abnormal, instrument and meter of self-diagnosis function can effectively will be abnormal problems of its own, through the communication port is passed to the control center, so will increase the processing speed.

it is important to note that the new intelligent instrumentation functions, quality is uneven, communication does not have a standard specification, you need when buying used according to their own actual situation, determine the specific requirements to buy!

is, don't like do not spray!Thank you very much!

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