Obama's HP's artificial intelligence

it is difficult to want to see, the next 50 years and which technology can is greater than the effect of artificial intelligence to the human world.With machine learning to make computer have the ability to study independently, from diagnosis to driverless cars, and a series of breakthrough has been achieved.Concerns also follow.Who will control the technology?It can replace human work?Dangerous?Around the hope of artificial intelligence, boom and concerns such as topic, U.S. President barack Obama at the White House with entrepreneurs, head of the MIT media lab shoots clutter joichi ITO had an interview with the wired magazine in the United States.

barack Obama believes that artificial intelligence is permeate into the life of people in a variety of ways.If properly applied, artificial intelligence can bring prosperity and opportunity.

he said, instead of artificial intelligence is not only the work of low skills, also may be highly skilled work, the work of the repeatability is very strong, the computer can play.There is no doubt that as get more extensive application of artificial intelligence, society is likely to be more and more rich, the link between the production and distribution will become increasingly weakened.

Obama horsepower is artificial intelligence

the November, wired magazine cover (early)

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