Entrepreneurs to get investment to buy the car?

many entrepreneurs take the angel investment, VC investment as an achievement.

don't take don't know, a startled, the investment is not simply put the money into the account to entrepreneurs, literally you how to spend.

when did you get 10 million investment, does not mean that you earned in 10 million by the project, how the 10 million flowers, is a science.

the investors are not fool, they are fine than djinn, the money, they must set strict regulatory process, or you take money to say bye bye, who find they cry?

investors will face many risks, such as:

1, entrepreneurs to get investment after the transfer of enterprise assets, make the enterprise bankruptcy.

2, entrepreneurs to introduce other investments, dilute the investor's stake, also deprived of control of investors.

3, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial team is the most precious wealth, a project rather than investors investment projects, investment is a team is more appropriate.

so investors want to set a lot of regulatory measures, entrepreneurs take the investor money, you must listen to investors.

don't know the truth of the crowd heard a team got 10 million of venture investment, feel the hair, can buy a house, you can buy a car, in fact it was not the case.

entrepreneurs to get investment to buy the car? entrepreneurs to remember their beginner's mind, financing is in order to achieve the ultimate goal of the method, is not the ultimate goal.After all, investors will not do flange, entrepreneurs also must adhere to the most basic moral bottom line.

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