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18 QQ, build "entertainment social ecology"

QQ understand young people, young people need to QQ, just like two benefit community, a beat, to get.Because understand young people, because of the love with the young, 18 in the era of mobile Internet, QQ, also doing huge change, to meet the needs of young people.

in tencent company vice President YanYu view, with QQ since birth entertainment QQ show, fonts, pendant, bubble, background, expression, express emotions artifact after these used to be 80.The first popular QQ signature and nicknames, we constantly update their signatures and nickname express emotions and preferences, put a lot of interest."A lot of people with the name 'deep fragrance do own QQ nickname, today to see there are millions of users to use this nickname, it is to use the simplest way to amuse ourselves."YanYu said.

now young people like what?After 90, 00 after attention, is the film and television, games and anime two yuan.In YanYu view, QQ has from a simple communication platform, transforming to entertainment platform, to adapt to the be fond of of young users.Tencent company social network business group of the general application Wu Jisheng speaks more thoroughly, deputy general manager, he said QQ is constructing "entertainment social ecology", is carrying on the QQ in the entertainment content and social platform integration development.

more entrepreneurial force - a flat four

80 after playing one of the most is to use QQ space, the development of various interest BBS and interests, but today's QQ, launched four new entertainment platform, users can participate in, put your own content and information in.The four platforms: NOW live video broadcast platform, short video platform, mark, penguins e-sports game platform, QQ to watch entertainment information platform.

in social into mobile at the same time, social morphology is changing.In fact, live video is, indeed, the current industry a huge tuyere, along with the development of the mobile Internet and social media, users can use their mobile device at any time to capture the surrounding things and the environment, to share their personal interests and concerns, this simple form to reduce the threshold of user participation, thus led to a national televised spectacle.

video social tuyere, in addition to arrange NOW live, tencent QQ also configured with a short video products, trace.

with the popularity of mobile terminals, sharing of information is more and more big, from text to video era, information sharing more and more convenient, social play more and more abundant.Tencent power NOW live with QQ day mark is broke the video social tuyere the industry, from the transformation of social to entertainment is also being business certificate.

the game tencent is one of the best business development.In QQ users, based on the QQ, QQ friends, trade union operating system, QQ user organizations together hope to put all of the games, is organized into a platform, communicate with each other, social people share the topic.At the same time, the QQ will live content integration, the game is live, the host can distribute through the platform of game and the props and rich content, creating a new business model.

a fourth is content platform.Based on the entertainment information distribution platform read QQ in fact already broke through the limitation of entertainment, the subscribe button above can also subscribe to the penguin, platform of information.The content of the more important is QQ anime platform.For young people under the age of 16 or 20, the anime is contact they live, contact the important platform of the world.For 80 later said that day is their favorite content, from "sailor moon", "slamdunk" to "clever ikkyu", diffuse, with growth after 80.But for 90, 00 later said that after interaction is one of the most important, the QQ platform, can diffuse the interaction of countries have started to active development, QQ platform now has more than 20000 countries, authors and readers close interaction, and even created.QQ many genes, including facial expression, background, cm show, is very good anime content bearing, cartoon image hosting platform.

joint venture - 3 years spent 1 billion

QQ gathered large young groups, contains a huge amount of energy.Flow tens of billions of news on QQ every day, hundreds of millions of pictures and all kinds of video content, QQ space every day, billions of content of reading, in the final analysis, it is the foundation of the cash.

QQ to venture again, need support from young people, more need to get customer's approval.Young people are willing to pay for platform, including recognition platform content and buy services and products, is the final decision criteria of entrepreneurial success.

on the BBS, Walt Disney's marketing executive director xian-min wu compliments to QQ and Disney's cooperation, which include the mind punch, 7 "Star Wars", "wild animal city" and so on for nearly 10 blockbusters.QQ cooperation with various popular movie outbreak in 2016 out of the vast amounts of energy.YanYu tencent vice President, said QQ users want to see more movies, TV content to present in front of them, the movie is every student, every young person a kind of habit, so propaganda film on the QQ, do premieres, became a very good platform.Such as "city of wild animals" QQ expression six months spread more than 438 million times, 7 "Star Wars" QQ expression online trading has sent more than 48 million times.

in addition, the doraemon, stand by me using QQ platform, reached more than 3000 of exposure, "warcraft" has made 1 billion times the exposure, dispersing pertains to QQ space for "independence day" live premiere, harvest users to watch nearly ten million times.The connection through QQ, audience and content to get the perfect docking, the content of the film dispersing pertains to bring a new opportunity.

QQ is changing all the time, "someone with real name say false in reality, the network of people speaking the truth under a pseudonym - group chat can be anonymous," this is today's QQ, this is the change of the QQ group chat, this change has propped up the QQ.Such as this year's QQ BBS is red "" the net, the BBS in addition to the Disney executives to attend, and show the smile is the whole new generation of director terry, there is no moral integrity of brand founder, technology CEO Yao Jieying, reading group vice President Zhu Jing, item, film and television CEO Wang Xiaobin higher-ups from different in various fields such as industry.

tencent network business group of the application, deputy general manager Wu Jisheng |

all say "ship small well run", massive QQ to entrepreneurship is a hard thing to do.Today's Internet market, to seize the young users, allows users to benefit, let the customer benefit, increase the product viscosity and loyalty also need more entertainment, more interesting.On the BBS, YanYu revealed that QQ will do more investment in the entertainment and younger, will launch a EQ next plan, with three years to invest 1 billion resources, help partners into QQ 1000 entertainment platform and content platform, create business value of 100 billion."Our plan finally hope is and friends after every 95 build good communication, and establish a better communication in the future."YanYu said.

yes, you read that right, after what he said is 95!

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