Why many people give up use sogou input method?

on August 3, 2004, launched the third generation of interactive search engine sogou, sogou input method officially released after two years, so far sogou input method through nine years of age, sogou input method is based on search engine technology, especially suitable for Internet users to use the product, a new generation of input method, as a result of the search engine technology, input speed have a qualitative leap.why many people give up the use of sogou input method?

as a so good product, but now there are more and more people to give up.

familiar with all know sogou sogou CEO wang xiaochuan offered a three-stage rocket, sogou input method to stimulate the browser's sogou browser installed, and then to sogou browser to promote the use of sogou search.Too much praise from the outside world for the three-stage rocket theory.But the essence, also is bound to install.No substantial difference between and 360 disease, but with 360 security guards, and sogou sogou input method.

for sogou triple strap-on rockets, users can be easily verified, as long as you download a sogou input method, the user in the process of typing, will receive a popup window sogou, an input method to play window to allow the user to change the wallpaper, even across borders to clean system, click on clearing up the rubbish and content didn't release, pack sogou browser!Popup window to update thesaurus, it is very justified, but update thesaurus also must be attached to a sogou browser.Early while brings a lot of users, but also brought bad experience to the user.why many people give up the use of sogou input method?

sogou input method as an input tool, is very good, don't have much experience.But the problem is sogou input method, it is too unwilling only completes the input method of this part, so want to be like QQ, 360, after the service users, turn over the master of the user, lead (qiang) guide (Po) users use sogou search, and other functions.It foolish play window, it romantic words update tip, it of rogue mobile assistant.

as a tool of class software, the mission of carrying beyond tools.Sogou input method also know yourself why actually can be abandoned by the user, but still, as always.why many people give up the use of sogou input method? people just want a clean input method, need you, you come out.But it is always brush strong sense, regardless of whether the user is willing to it.

there is no denying that sogou input method is an excellent tool, input accuracy is the highest, but a bad user experience, there will be many users to stop it?

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