Fact: rice plant fish plant machine Lei jun millet ecosystem will add new product?

millet has split in people's impression, more than a year ago, it also enjoys the competitors of bitterly eye, are now suffering in the modulation of media chorus, make free, stream of people of all stripes became.

Cervantes said, "ride with the wind, you should pull tent" millet dilution after a fever icon resources to support product line expansion, with new home products positioning cross-combination copy product has its strategic necessity, also has the necessity that underpin valuations.Lei jun to outer floating about, shows his strategic concentration.Six qi mountain, such as zhuge liang shu zhongfu thick to contend for the world, enough to as Wang Ding bully;If confront risks half, insufficient risk benignly, shall perish., imagine if millet stuck in the past to today, the rapid rise of consumer BG huawei and other domestic handset's aggressive and strategic maneuvering room will only be smaller.Lei jun did say last year, only do after five major categories, but that means the millet itself, does not mean that millet chain company, now surroundings in defining the strategic and tactical aspects of millet micro, is not the right time.But

m iec seven years into the billions, four years into 1 billion, secretly gathered prehistorical powers of millet don't care "can't" from your mouth.Millet and over 220 companies, including 55 startups, of which 29 are bred from zero, 20 published products, seven years into the billions, four become unicorn in 1 billion.

we are from the country's most famous geek platform geek park get fact, millet filling will appear immediately in the new one, the main do intelligent plant growth machine products, brand name is tentatively determined as rice planting, planting machine product code for the fish.

fact: rice plant fish plant machine Lei jun millet iec added new product?

geek park also revealed rice plant fish plant machine on lighting, fish plant machine configuration and the sun have exactly the same spectrum of lighting equipment, let the plants can smoothly through photosynthesis under simulated natural environment to grow.On plants, and nanjing agricultural university, institute of botany, jiangsu province and other scientific research institutions for fish machine produced a very rich, very rich vitality of the plant varieties.On the system, independent research and development, the rich feed water cycle system and add the probiotic group, not only can let the water inside the benign ecological cycle, to provide more healthy and clean water environment for the growth of fish, but also will be at the bottom of the tank water is rich in nutrients supplied to the plant roots and synchronization rule out fish, form a fish plant symbiotic micro ecosystem, to some extent, the flowers in the reduction of the original ecological plant growth.On the accessories, configure the Netherlands imported hydroponic plant nutrient solution to facilitate rapid growth of the flower planting, and the ceramic particles imported from Japan, to facilitate the healthy development of roots of flowers.

from these detailed information, millet degree of investment in the product is not small.But according to the style of the past, millet is not in this niche artistic temperament so strong product spend too much energy.So the fact that still need to wait for further verification.

no matter how to explore new category, millet in order to create the so-called "ecological" in their minds, not deviate from its "for" fever (product) concept, at cost sales phone (is) may the beginning, of course, in the name of the so-called construction of "ecological", also involved in many products, such as a router, smart TV, millet box, air purifier, and even power socket, which is named "department store" in the industry.Although this is exaggerated, but even if we go to try to understand the "ecological" lei jun says it is hard to find these products link between each other, at least for our feeling is far more than surface.And only left a deep impression to the market and users of these products is millet in similar products in low price.

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