The police emergency remind: 133, 180, 153, them roughly has "poisoning"

the ministry recently new net subscribers real-name registration of virtual operators work conducted investigations found that the spot check of 109 marketing network, the violation ratio than three.Ministry of spot checks found 15 virtual operators in new users real-name registration, there is a violation.In addition, the ministry exposure: these them roughly telecom fraud happens, accomplice who is fraud?To see see!

police emergency remind: 133, 180, 153, them roughly has

these scam them roughly multiple

from police statistics show that in the second quarter of this year, the network of telecom fraud is still rampant, trick has been renovated.Police statistics, in the near future, the high incidence of main is to pretend to be "crack" leadership fraud and pretend to be friends and relatives, in "acting force" of telecom fraud alert, incoming number mainly begin with + 89, + 87, + 58.Among them, the call volume is the biggest "+ 87" at the beginning of Numbers.

it is reported that 0087 for international maritime satellite phone.Police has coordination of three carriers has not yet been allocated to them roughly 00871, 00872, 00873 and 00872 matched interception, but there are still at the beginning of 00870, 00879 fraud phone call to the masses, and the phone in the mobile terminal display is + 870, + 897, + 879 begins.

in the leadership of fraud alert posing as relatives and friends, the police on suspicion of fraud of the number of the analysis found that most suspects using "YiKaShuangHao" business fraud, them roughly to "133", "180", "153".By more than the rest of the "170", "170" number commit fraud.

police remind: although telecom network fraud means renovates ceaselessly, but plus ca change, all the liar is two purposes:

or with all sorts of excuses, direct requirement remittance;

all strangers involves the remittance, are almost all cheats.Acquaintances to remember that the remittance request, and I have to confirm.

the ministry: all before June 30, 2017 phone users achieve real-name registration

in April this year, the ministry has asked the virtual operator in a month not to early real-name registration and the number of false registration, complete the user identity information registration, etc.Then, the policy of "history's most severe real-name", the ministry requires all subscribers real-name rate to December 31 of this year more than 95%, all before June 30, 2017 phone users achieve real-name registration.

at the end of 2013, China mobile pilot resale business formally awarded, in 2014, apply for to the virtual licence pilot operators, begin to market in formal business brand and business services.Up to now, the development of the virtual operator subscribers has reached more than 3100, 42 of corporate earning pilot approval for 41 have business there are 7 enterprise users have breakthrough million, the top three enterprise users in between 3 million and 6 million.

status: 3 into marketing point to save irregularities + 15 virtual operators in new users real-name registration deposit in violation of the DISCOVERY

in July 2016, the ministry of industry and information technology of network security administration organization of virtual operators of new net subscribers real-name registration work practice, and the partial virtual operators in network real-name registration information compliance rate for the user data of parking.

to investigations on new net user real-name registration work manner, 26 were secretly resale enterprise marketing network 109, 37, found irregularities branch violations than 33. 9%, selective examination was 11% lower in January than in 2016.50 investigations entity marketing network, found 13 violations branch, violation rate than for 26. 0%;Privately network marketing network 59, site 24 found irregularities, illegal rate than for 40. 7%.

share communication, buses, hna information online, zte, guiyang lang ma, phone world of vision, suzhou snail letter, gome, suning interconnection, silver sheng electronics, love s&d, jingdong, Dr Peng, remote communication, repeatedly 15 resale companies such as science and technology by investigations branch irregularities.

real-name registration information on the web users use the compliance rate of parking "real-name registration of phone users data detection tools" and "national citizen id number query service center" to network than manner, a total of parking the eight virtual operators.Share communication real-name registration information including compliance rate was 91.30%, the telephone the world is 95.48%, far communication is 95.95%, is 96.46%, hna information was 98.28%, suzhou snail was 99.53%, millet technology was 99.59%, 99.73% love s&d.

agent for: user base the weak force and low

, chairman of the Chinese academy of engineering, the Internet society of China WuHeQuan told reporters that the initial virtual operator in order to develop the user, not strict on the real-name registration.Traditional three carriers execution the system is determined, to users, at the end of the year not to new will stop processing.But the user base of virtual operator is inherently weak, it is difficult to use way to require the user to stop machine, "so you can drag a moment is" for a while.

WuHeQuan said, virtual operators were registered by lowering tariffs, easy to attract users.After three carriers have also begun JiangFei, virtual operators found that began to bad money, "and then use of original business group users' information base, dozen connections with formal method.

in addition, WuHeQuan is pointed out that the large difference between two main business of telecommunication business with virtual operators, attaches great importance to the low level, a corresponding with poor management, so the response the enthusiasm of the real-name registration system is not enough.

step by step distribution lose control

a virtual operators, told reporters, the head of the poor part of the system to implement virtual operators at the moment, mainly rely on the generation of business, provincial generation business for sale, and these agents and distribution to the tens of thousands of outlets, such as kiosks, business hall, etc., of dispersing step by step, make the operators also gradually lost control.

"these outlets to sell CARDS, in order to increase the sales performance, will be to the customer said, can don't id card, back and fill a."In addition, for online sales of virtual operators, rely mainly on the delivery person odd authentication, which need to charge delivery person id photocopy, according to the exchange, the receipt rate is very low.

another industry insiders said, if you want to implement the real-name system, virtual operators also invest a lot of cost."For example to various sales outlets equipped with id to identify the cost of the machine, and each time the authentication user identity to the logical administration pay a dollar."

operator: control certification channel

the reporter understands, at present, on-line channel card, buy virtual operators will clear request real-name certification, most of the requests for personal id photo upload, sign for it when required to show id original, such as jingdong communication, millet mobile, snail, etc., when the part will be asked to sign for provide id card copy.Ali communication is relying on alipay real-name authentication information, after picking number can let buyers enter the name and id number, the system will automatically real-name information than pay treasure.

millet mobile caxa, the general manager said, to implement real-name authentication, millet has fully used the online channel: the channel control by oneself, identity information is to network, and the ministry of public security population information database and use financial level in vivo detection, prevent submit false identities."

jingdong communications, said the two aspects of measures will be taken to strengthen the system certification, the first to establish a mature brush single prevention mechanism, and strengthen the delivery of offline user identity verification regulation.

miit: if an illegal user limit development

the relevant person in charge of the ministry has said that in the next to implement the real-name registration of virtual operators, will increase the punishment, in addition to the requirements shall be ordered to make correction, if serious, will limit the development of the user, stop expanding the scope of the pilot, still can put a virtual operator of the system implementation, and the next step can be linked into formal business qualification.

for investigations, ministry of the altar bureau issued notices, requirements for the system violation behavior rectification immediately, the existing virtual operator reported irregularities, and ask the related department responsibility, responsible, for serious violations branch processing.

the other side, the public security department also successively in Shanghai, shenzhen and other places set up to hit the telecom network fraud center, the reporter understands, the public security department will and to the platform of telecom operators and Internet companies work closely, instant on the cell phone information, Internet information involved in the ground for verification.

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