Spirit's blue E read smartphones released six attract eyeball

spirit's blue E read smartphones released six eye-catching

point 1: the new ID design

spirit's blue E product slogan "I'm not smooth", explained the spirit's blue E new ID design, more like a meizu products, at the same time carrying the meizu vision of young users attitude to life.

2 point is the integration of metal fuselage

spirit's blue E with exquisite metal integration of the body, the mature integration forging and 360 degrees of professional metal stamping, sand blasting process makes it has fine metallic simple sense, bring the consumer to a smooth experience.

watch 3: a key fingerprint payment

point 4: efficient charging fast and safe

spirit's blue E joined mCharge quick charge technology.The meizu is not only to the requirement of quick charge technology for fast, more priority to safety.In actual use, can charge 50%, 30 minutes in the charging efficiency and flagship mobile phones on the market.

watch 5: China mobile, the new 4 g + custom machine

spirit's blue E able to support all netcom.At the same time, the spirit's blue E customization is a new 4 g + China mobile phone."4 g +" technology let users than driving from one lane to upgrade to the driveway, video transmission speed.

watch 6: Internet car smart key

spirit's support and the first blue E first Internet roewe car RX5 interconnection, based on the intelligent YunOS ecosystem, spirit's blue E for Internet intelligent remote control car, such as the implementation unlock, send instruction to map navigation, open the trunk, etc.

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