Letv globalization added in Athens: huawei's global logistics executives before join the Pacific Oc


Letv globalization has added a valiant soldier.In has just concluded GLSC leaders summit in 2016, huawei's global logistics transportation management minister before reading level with Letv the identity of the vice President of global supply chain logistics and overseas present, means the management of the huawei logistics and supply chain of more than 160 countries around the world before huawei executives has now become a member of the Letv ecology.

Letv globalization added in Athens: huawei's global logistics executives butyl level before joining graph: ding, a former boss of the huawei's global logistics transportation management, Pacific Ocean (far right) with Letv the identity of the vice President of global logistics and supply chain overseas to attend.

d, Pacific Ocean for Letv is globalization, is undoubtedly a very exciting information.On July 26, Letv just $2 billion for the first TV brand Vizio, an important step of globalization, the global media and industry enjoy Letv ecology globalization dreams and determination, this also is considered by industry globalization Letv is attracting global attention of the industry elite.

at the end of the GLSC leaders summit in 2016, ding as Letv global logistics, vice President of Pacific Ocean, and from Festo, SAP and other fortune 500 executives discussed the industrial 4.0 period, deeply discusses the big data and intelligence service, that the height of the production, logistics, information systems integration will bring a new market;At the same time the software enterprises, service enterprises and the boundary of the logistics equipment enterprises began to fuzzy, new business models are rebuilding.

d level, said in a speech Letv provides users with acme, the core of ecological experience, through the content of the "platform + + terminal + application" the world's unique ecological pattern, can break the organizational boundaries, innovation borders, through constant innovation to provide users with brand-new service and higher customer value.And Letv ecology is open, break the interests between the boundary of enterprises, and product resource boundary, let the whole society partners symbiotic, win-win and sharing.

Letv globalization added in Athens: huawei's global logistics executives butyl level before joining

it is known that butyl Pacific currently responsible for Letv global logistics network and system construction, OTO logistics system construction, SKD/CKD factory planning and construction, overseas supply chain organization and the system construction.Work in huawei has 18 years experience, 4 years of manufacturing experience, 14 years overseas supply and delivery of service management experience.Successively responsible for overseas (Russia) factory construction, regional supply chain and customer service system construction, architecture and overseas supply chain system, global transportation logistics network and system construction and optimization.

2002 expatriate Russia, as builders, huawei's first overseas supply chain in Russia, construction first huawei overseas machine factory.Resident overseas work for 9 years and served as minister of supply chain management overseas, respectively in the Asia Pacific, Russia, North America, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, Africa and so on more than 20 countries work experience, good at overseas supply service system planning and implementation, the multinational cross-cultural team construction and management experience.

returning to China in 2012, served as minister of transport management 4 years, huawei's global logistics is responsible for the operator network products, enterprise network and terminal consumer product logistics service management and global operations, practice, take the customer as the center of the culture in the global field of vision, end-to-end thinking, establish and optimize the global logistics service platform, the management of the business in more than 160 countries.

for work in huawei executives to join Letv for 18 years, the industry succession exclamation music as to attract talent why so strong?Letv executives have learned, current international reputation in the world has not only master director zhang yimou, former vice President of lenovo group Feng Xing, bank of America merrill lynch, managing director of Winston Cheng, before to Shanghai gm, former general manager ding, wang yongli, executive vice-president, and former sohu auto division general manager sunmoonstar, infiniti motor company's general manager lu zhengyu, CCTV famous sports host jian4 industry great coffee...

as He Cheng industry elite eventually belong to?In the industry point of view, is Letv unique enterprise values, is Letv hope to promote industry progress, the ambitious goal of enhancing the society.It was this dream that Letv gathered a batch of, attracted a group of have a dream, real doer to participate, to change the world.

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