Why cool to "marry" to Letv, also don't want to cooperate with our profile?

after more than a year of planning, yesterday (August 7), run cool Jia Yueting finally, become the chairman of the board.Hence, cool in the supply chain and patent will be Letv integration, Letv their super cell phone will have inestimable prospects for development.


last year, cool and 360 cooperation, joint venture set up cool cell phone.Cool, provide supply chain and channel in 360 to provide a ROM, soft resources such as security software.And cool occupy large shareholder status, why will give up cool cool like a beacon, instead Letv "sex"?

"leader" in red character profile itself, determines the two sides can't long-term cooperation down

although cool owns a 55.5% stake, holds a controlling stake.But zhou is notoriously mouth artillery, unwilling when the boss behind the scenes.Not only in public ridicule partners not to force, poking fun at the design of the great god.Also as a layman, to cool cell phone.This generous communication are unhappy 30 years of cool.


for such a partner, cool the separation is inevitable.

cool thin profits, extreme lack of money, need to invest to expand cash flow;And Letv also needs through cooperation to fill its hardware board

cool 4 g phones once the share of the country's first in 2014, its rapid development by machine operator contracts.But in the same year, announced three carriers are cutting contract machine subsidies and marketing costs, coupled with millet, etc. The impact of the Internet phone, lack of Internet gene of cool, with shipments cannot be converted into cash.Result in a shortage of cash flow gradually.


in this case, the way cool to fill Internet genes.Although the joint venture's cool mobile phones for the Internet, but its control already went to zhou's hands, according to the joint venture agreement, from cool cool cannot obtain the corresponding Internet resources;And poor cash flow, combined with Letv had just do mobile phones, but its supply chain and channel is short board, also need to cooperate with traditional phone makers.In this case, the Letv seek vendors, cool is a matter of course to find partners.But who is looking for who first, now is not clear.


cool head Guo Deying really tired

Guo Deying yulong organized since 1993 since the computer communication technology co., LTD. (cool) parent company, more than 20 years has been led by the head cool.But experienced with 360 fights, plus a cool recent development adverse, Guo Deying may feel really need to get cool head, to fill in for its new genes.To cool a controlling stake to Letv, may be the best ending.After all, I was unable to keep cool, cash to pension, is the best replacement for the cool.


can understand, cool to cool, equivalent to pour out of the water;And accept Letv investment until they are holding them, can be said to be a "marriage".Guo Deying become unelected, let in Jia Yueting, can be said to be the best decision for both sides.

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