Fearless fighting Huawei full-on patent war

global smartphone presents apple, samsung , huawei three kingdoms tripartite confrontation, but the huawei, defence and translocation on international patent wars, from defenders into offense, many active attack, rare appeared in the history of Chinese manufacturers in the technology industry itself, in addition to eliminate "shanzhai" impression, also want to grab market share.

in May this year, the huawei at the same time in the United States, shenzhen samsung filed a patent infringement lawsuit, finally by Chinese enterprises against rivals copying, media call lu was the light of "China".In July

samsung to Sue for patent infringement, huawei recently become "patents and the first", but surprisingly, even the former big brother, recently have "fade out river's lake" of nokia, also to join mobile phone patent infighting, accused huawei patent infringement in the United States.

now appear "encirclement and suppression" huawei situation, besides the patent fee, also trying to contain the other action to occupy the market, but huawei dare to jump out to play with international companies patent wars, because of the accumulated investment in research and development have the confidence to oneself, data show that in 2015 the global international applicants to submit the patent cooperation treaty, huawei in 3898 topped the global public application first, qualcomm was second with 2442, samsung ranked fourth.

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