Slow WiFi at home?These tips to save you!

isn't stay at home, feel wifi especially close, but the Internet is not slow, just want to knock down the router!Half half a vanishing network, is really cut off his intention to get to the Internet, let a person really is very helpless!Poor wifi, wifi is slow, it is the bane of everyone.Now, whether study or office or entertainment, cannot leave the network.As left the nets, they became a puppet without soul, encounter network is slow, it is called work every day, and the ground to should not be helpless and suffering!

so, today, I'll give you way!Wifi is slow, get the recruit to save you!

first wifi is slow, may be a router problem.So, you will need to be looking for a powerful router.The router must satisfy three premises: 1. The signal must be better 2. Best support remote download 3. So!

to look at it!

HUAWEI (HUAWEI) WS832 intelligent wireless router 11 ac double-frequency 1200 m (white)
gigabit wireless, 5 g connection wireless rate can be as high as 867 megabits per second.Legend can wear 5 wall, covering 280 ping.Also the function of remote download, not at home can see tonight slices under well in advance.

wireless router

slow WiFi at home? These tips to save you!

this product broad coverage, do think about!Huawei as the pride of the domestic, the quality must be needless to say!Which WS832, external four 5 dbi high-gain antenna, high performance antenna, excellent layout, in order to have better wifi function, more suitable for sending signals over a long distance.Of course, 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz dual-band is indispensable, and a dual core processor, higher performance more stable.

slow WiFi at home? These tips to save you!

however, if your laptop has wired laptop package, but there is no Internet access is killing me!It is terrible!So, you will need this thing!

USB cable network adapter cable adapter

slow WiFi at home? These tips to save you!

this product to your laptop cable network and freely, perfectly solve the problem of the laptop to get to the Internet!Nic + HUB practical combination, use the portable.And this special card HUB compatibility strong, as long as there is interface can use, small, easy to carry, and beautiful appearance design, make you relaxed, etc., placed on the table of my backpack is very convenient!Not only that, but it also supports automatic dormancy and remote sensei, support power management function, crossover cable or through network can automatically identify!

green league start MB card + 3 USB HUB, widely used in notebook/tablet/super computer equipment such as expand the network interface.Easy to connect to the Internet, say goodbye to the unstable wireless life!More 3 USB port, not for computer USB interface is not enough, a device in hand, life easy!

slow WiFi at home? These tips to save you!

if you think the router this action travel impassability, let wifi signal amplifier to save you!

a micrometer (MAXEYE) WIFI signal amplifier

this WIFI amplifier, signal is expanded, routing good mate, small and light, with installation, matching simple, strong compatibility.

slow WiFi at home? These tips to save you!

wifi signal amplification, network coverage without blind Angle Be about to choose this one!

use professional wireless router chip, superior performance, good compatibility and stability is not only very strong

slow WiFi at home? These tips to save you!

this is a quick, effective improve the wireless signal transmission distance.High level in appearance, is so beautiful!

in this paper, we mentioned the wireless router, USB cable network adapter cable converter and cool wifi amplifier.Now, I want to give everybody - power cat!Perfect solve all the problems of the Internet, is definitely a bombshell to solve the problem of WiFi!!!!!

so, what is power cat?Power cat is a kind of power line communication (PLC) technology, is the use of wires to transmit data and media signal is a kind of communication technology.Power cat compared with Repeaters, with the strong signal, extended range far, more stable, not the characteristics of the electromagnetic radiation.On the long distance transmission, and even better than cables with.But USES electricity the cat also has some limitations: (1) must be in the same piece of 2 meters under the environment of the inferior quality of electric power cat there might be some noise ~

so, amway gave us a great power of cat!

ZINWELL PWQ - 5101 r suit 500 m power chip 150 m wireless WiFi power cat wireless router (PWQ - 5101 r + PWQ - 5101 wireless AP)
this product operation is simple, use namely.Follow one's inclinations, free, the socket is the network!Where need network, and where, life was so pleasant Jane simple!Design not only has its own wireless interface card that wireless communication is more stable, and using high sensitivity antenna system, allow fast wireless connection, and there is absolutely no noise confused!

whether your home router, can choose!

slow WiFi at home? These tips to save you!

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