Changhong in Beijing issued the world's first TV artificial intelligence

(sichuan news reporter client Dong Shimei) artificial intelligence era has really come.On July 28, in a big beauty "f" and artificial intelligence robot industry under the witness of the cafe, the world's first artificial intelligence - changhong TV CHiQ (rev. Guest) television stunning appearance of artificial intelligence.In the Beijing changhong product launches, artificial intelligence also marked the beginning changhong promote intelligent strategy towards a new stage of artificial intelligence.

changhong released the world's first artificial intelligence in Beijing television

"conference was not a single person from beginning to end."The guests said with a sigh.In new product release, changhong artificial intelligence "robot and television dialogue".When the "f" in "I want to see bears)" through the voice command, the changhong CHiQ artificial intelligence only three seconds to change on the screen TV "bears" animation;When the "f" "I want to play games, television and artificial intelligence to second level speed is recommended for" f "love of the game...After a series of "man-machine dialogue", CHiQ TV of artificial intelligence technology fully, bring a brand new audio-visual experience of artificial intelligence.

subversive: TV can listen speak understand thinking

"as the world's first artificial intelligence TV, changhong TV CHiQ artificial intelligence is not cross-industry wide a large artificial intelligence system, our focus is to artificial intelligence and black electrical vertical depth fusion business field."Changhong company deputy general manager Guo Dexuan said.

changhong TV CHiQ artificial intelligence in audio and video, education, news, etc, to realize the artificial intelligence in three main factors, cognitive, decision-making, feedback, output changhong intelligent robot "little white", she is living in CHiQ TV robot of artificial intelligence, she accompanied, learning, and in the service of her master, watching TV, listening to music, playing games and so on black electrical business let users get thoughtful personalized service.

"artificial intelligence and ordinary smart TV is TV are quite different."Changhong multimedia nature conservancy council, deputy general manager of the company software and service center, CHiQ ai TV at major breakthroughs were made in the "cognitive" level, based on independent research and development of changhong Ciri + voice platform, realize high voice interaction of people-centric collaboration and semantic recognition and understanding, make CHiQ ai TV speech in the UI effect, the response speed, the recognition rate, coverage do in such aspects as the industry leader.Among them, voice recognition rate reached 97%, voice machine coverage of 50%, make the person with open television voice interaction distance up to 30 meters, namely the user in any corner of the family can use voice and interactive television.

in the "decision" level of artificial intelligence, changhong TV CHiQ artificial intelligence can be fully cognition and understanding of things, on the basis of learning algorithm based on neural network make business logic judgment, knowledge reserve, large data collection and analysis, can grow.

changhong CHiQ Chen Keyu TV product manager, said ai television as users use time grew, automatic memory, analyze and recommend the "master" love, more understand the user's individuality demand, even if the user is relatively "fuzzy" voice instructions, also referring users to the need of content and services.

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