At home, huawei mobile phones and other difference in where?More than big mouth

recently mouth and fetched surprising remarks, 3-5 years of domestic mobile phone manufacturers will only survive 1-2 home, one of which is huawei mobile phones.A speech, people tend to think that's just wishful home, what's the difference between huawei mobile phones and other? More than mouth says

to a mobile phone user's eye

today, appearance assimilation extremely serious ecological environment, mobile phone small retailer seems huawei mobile phones and other domestic android machine is the biggest difference between the three Jin Gangjian android into the bottom of the screen, and other domestic mobile phone design is entity touch keys or entity buttons.

virtual keys without love

and small retailer is the part of the virtual keys said no love that part of the people, and the mouth of the reasoning of speech, can say is that huawei mobile phone 3-4 years dominating the domestic virtual buttons, do you think?

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