A loss of 840 million, a reverse earn 36.9 billion, lenovo will face a life and death choice!


losses in 840 million, a reverse earn 36.9 billion, lenovo will face a life and death choice!

recently, lenovo company financial report in 2015, a net loss of $180 million, 840 million renminbi.Between January 2016 and march of the fourth quarter revenue of $9.133 billion, down 19% on a yearly basis.

huawei 2015 global sales income is 395 billion yuan ($60.8 billion), up 37% from a year earlier.Net profit of 36.9 billion yuan ($36.9 billion), up 33% from a year earlier.

it is hard to imagine, the former king enterprise why now end up so far!From set up just a few short years become China's enterprises super giant, but now will worry for survival.A few years ago huawei just a lenovo eyes of small businesses a dork.

lenovo and huawei, the two outstanding Chinese enterprises, is a typical representative of the Chinese enterprise internationalization, after 23 years of time, however, a start in the red, an inverse earn;The two companies have taken place in performance, the strength of astonishing reverse!Fate is so different?

two modes of

association was founded in 1984, more than 3 billion in sales in 1993, sales reached 1.767 billion in 1992.

huawei, founded in 1987, sales of more than 100 million in 1992, ren in annual meeting, SOB to say "we finally survived."

1992 lenovo and huawei, the gap is 17 times.

but the final choice of huawei technologies of representatives is given priority to, focuses on research and development.While lenovo go trade pie (buy buy technology, eat glide) route.Is IT is often said of metallurgical and MaoGongJi difference between two modes.

in December 2004, lenovo's $1.25 billion acquisition of IBM that is personal computer department of negative tired;

in January 2014, lenovo's $2.9 billion acquisition of MOTOROLA's mobile, is already outdated technology;

in September 2014, lenovo's $2.3 billion takeover of IBMX86 server business.

look at this one by one data, is more evidence of the association of unproductive, only want to into the enterprise, through the acquisition of this certainly is a big mistake, also may have been an important factor in the lenovo the crisis.Had 17 times more of a big shame, lenovo, please pack up their own pride, humbly learn from huawei!

to huawei in the international economic downturn in the context of profit growth, because on the science and technology innovation to investment;Relying on its own technology accumulation, not only in the competition to win the broad space, more enterprises to lay a solid foundation for subsequent development.

$840 million for a losses, a reverse earn 36.9 billion, lenovo will face a life and death choice!

the only way out of the enterprise out of trouble

the only way out of the scientific and technological innovation is the enterprise out of trouble.Science and technology innovation is not only the task of scientific and technical workers, also is not only a national development strategy, but is the lifeline of the enterprise.

40.5 billion in 2014 to 280 billion, r&d input, r&d spending accounted for 14.46%;

in 2015 to 390 billion, 50 billion r&d, r&d spending accounted for 12.8%;

over the past 10 years, lenovo r&d spending more than 2% of income than never, accumulative total $4.405 billion on research and development costs,

with huawei half of r&d spending was flat in 2014.

$840 million for a losses, a reverse earn 36.9 billion, lenovo will face a life and death choice!

Yang yuanqing on a letter to internal employees last year, "he wrote

" today, a lot of reason is that we do things in the past experience to do new business, our successful experience in PC, want to use mobile phones; our traditional experience, want to use in the Internet age... it is these deep-rooted mindset (consciousness), these genes into things, created today's results and situation. So, don't change, will not see successful results. This is the most important, the most fundamental reason."

but in the end, Mr Yang this letter, not on the lenovo's management personnel, until to the losses of the results.

in huawei has been secretly send force attaches great importance to and input to the development of science and technology, in the backdrop of the international economic downturn still profit growth.

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lenovo want to want a jedi counterattack must pay attention to their own problems, can no longer buy buy technology, eat a sinecure.Will need to concentrate on a large amount of money into research and development of science and technology, through technology accumulation and development products, relying on the new products to expand market share.

empty take a good hand but I did not play good lenovo!Lenovo's poor forced scene, is a reminder to all enterprises, if no change, bankruptcy is absolutely not crazy!The only solid technology is the best trump card!

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