The dissolution of the company nearly wiped, has become China's cloud computing


trend of cloud computing has become the world's recognized.Amazon, Google, Microsoft, alibaba, and even baidu, tencent, the company's future on cloud computing.The earliest start of alibaba has already started to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing.

in April this year, deutsche bank published research report, ali Cloud revenue of about $128 million in the fourth quarter of 2015, the annual net income forecast higher than Google Cloud Platform, second only to Microsoft's Azure and amazon AWS.

there is nothing natural, cloud computing was under attack.In 2010, engineer li said cloud computing is old wine in new bottles.Product manager ma said, concepts are too, have to wait for one thousand years.And at this point, the English teacher Ma Yungang excitedly ali cloud computing co., LTD.

this is not the two bosses to taunt ma, but represents the vast majority of Chinese people's views on cloud computing.The story at the beginning of this background, destined to be full of twists and turns and suffering.

the almost by dissolution of the company, has become China's cloud computing is for

in the absence of cloud computing on the country to make a cloud computing

jian wang is the first in the industry to see cloud computing prospects of one of a group of people.In 2008, he resigned from the position of Microsoft Asia research institute, vice President of the join alibaba, it came to pass, the next year to push ali cloud computing company, with more than 400 people in the team opened the earliest development of cloud computing mileage.

jian wang concluded that cloud computing is the future direction of the development of the Internet, "as in electric power is the infrastructure of the industrial society, cloud computing will replace the traditional device, IT infrastructure of the Internet world".

2009 although cloud computing concept is very hot, but just as young people talk about sex, who can say a few words, but who have never really experienced.And the only provide service of AWS is closed source, the technology gap between countries is undoubtedly exist.Cloud computing how to do, do what, who, not teaching book, all for yourself.

delayed products, natural and will not have any income, only by constantly technology.For a technical team of hundreds of engineers, the pressure is huge.Because both in the domestic which company is likely to exist, even in the strategy of "tolerance" extremely the alibaba group, also not a dispute on waves.

this is a technology company is dissolved by a

first is other company's employees do not understand, let the poor performance every year the company continues to exist?Second, the leader make wrong direction?

"non-technical" becomes jian wang do cloud computing "original sin", although is one of the first batch of Microsoft Asia research institute researchers (former colleagues including lee, baidu CEO zhang, CEO of kingsoft hong-jiang zhang), but the interesting thing is jian wang isn't a programmer, previously is a professor at zhejiang university department of psychology.Let a man is not the computer industry to lead for cloud computing, all kinds of capital.

a the most exaggerated action, is our executive meeting ali group, other business heard, head of the group to ali cloud down, to bring your own technical director to attend, just sit and wait for technical personnel.To jack ma, online response: "ali will make a psychologist Dr Brilliant CTO, like the United States put the actor to become President Ronald Reagan."

it is in the middle of 2012, ali cloud strife-torn, organized a participation of staff and customers, create "will".Jian wang put the annual ali cloud "who went to all the staff," the word is a slightly sad words - "the persistence is great.

in the group, other executives questioned ali cloud, Mr Ma said that one of block executives: "I tossed $10 a year to ali cloud and vote for a decade, do not to come out again."

achievement level of the world's cloud computing services

group inside and outside the rumors about the cloud to be "removed" ali, the disappear completely until 2013.Ali cloud and jian wang began to prove himself.

the almost by dissolution of the company, has become China's cloud computing is for

this year in May, pay treasure to last logged an IBM minicomputers, which marks the ali group "to the IOE" complete.In the driven by jian wang insisted that "to the IOE project," alibaba temper out of the industry's leading independent controllable technology system.In the same year in August, ali cloud flying operating system will have 5000 server's ability to form a supercomputer, ali internal call the 5 k project.The world has the ability of the company are numbered.Then, in 2015 the global data sorting series Sort Benchmark, ali cloud in less than seven minutes (377 seconds) was completed 377 terabytes of data sorting, winning the world computing four.

genomics to complete human genome analysis with ali cloud, the BGI Online, with 21 hours 47 minutes and 12 seconds 1000 cases completed the human all exons set of data analysis.More than 100 days before you need.Has a "pixar China," said the spotlight animation first works the small door gods, will render the pressure distribution to thousands of servers, ali cloud of most used 2000 servers at the same time.

ali cloud also seven core countries around the world market established a cloud computing service.

in June this year, Morgan Stanley said in a report of one of the top five investment Banks in the United States, ali cloud is rising rapidly, its valuation has been alone as much as $39 billion.The bank forecast, ali cloud revenue over the next five years will top $18.5 billion.In fiscal 2020, ali cloud will become the alibaba group, one of the most important one of the pillars of revenue, become the relay, pay after the third growth pole.

from another perspective, has to be able to provide cloud computing services of countries around the world also only 2: China and the United States.The dissolution of the company nearly wiped to surprise the world too much.

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