Subversion 4 a company to build three advertising squirrel

"three squirrel is to think in the Internet brought changes to the nuts and snacks industry, our art point is to use the Internet thinking transformation 4 a advertising industry, three squirrel do advertising."Tianjin art point ichoice corporate image planning co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to art) founder 巩书凯 so to search for the gen guest reporter said.

skill point company was founded in 2013, three years of 2013-2013 operating income of 200000, 4 million, 26 million, respectively."In 2016, our company's sales target is $130 million."Said 巩书凯 have answers.

the company develop fast, it is also in the beginning 巩书凯 didn't expect.

skill point company business to brand planning, design, service as the core, mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide creative services such as Internet advertising the full life cycle of services.Products mainly involves the company's brand design, website development, industrial design, horizontal industrial chain, such as electric business platform services, as well as printing and packaging industry, enterprise information services such as enterprise service vertical industry chain, devotes to build online Internet thinking innovation ecosystem services industry.

in 2013, 巩书凯 decided to leave the system in working out business.Industrial design professional background 巩书凯 decided to take their own professional support themselves first, he chose the pig eight quit to the domestic development of good service crowdsourcing platform website registered an account, began to take design related work.

according to 巩书凯, pig eight quit to service mode mainly based on than draft at that time.Customers in describing requirements after order, by the designers or design companies to bid for him, a scheme in the paper and your price for customer's selection.New arrivals when their team in order to obtain more orders, not only has some advantages in price, more on professional, it is by a single service fast and good order quickly accumulated his reputation.

in 2014, the company's business is growing fast.On the one hand, thanks to the past accumulated reputation, two on the other hand is also affected by the entrepreneurial atmosphere hot.巩书凯 found, along with the rise of the entrepreneurial boom, more and more small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurial teams, including the company LOGO design, UI design, VI design, shop design and so on, pay more attention to.

at art pig eight quit to the home page, an "Internet enterprise medical education catering hotel brand LOGO design" business price is 1000 yuan, shows that there have been 1177 times to buy records.Another senior designer to provide services by art point of LOGO design business price is 2000 yuan, clinch a deal the record 1311 times.

巩书凯 tell hit a guest journalist looking for Chinese current skill has been service point for more than 5 m company and entrepreneurial team, customer retention of 30%, customer retention and traditional advertising company less than 7%.Is excited about the team, now has 360 include mengniu, such as big companies to do some business or product image promotion design outsourcing.

巩书凯 said mengniu, 360, big companies such as rival is usually 4 a advertising company, not only expensive, but 4 a advertising company design scheme will be after a relatively long time.He said that many business, especially big companies will start after consulting company, after consulting company various packaging "fool" of suspended in mid-air, not from the perspective of the market and users.

let it seems to have no way to achieve standardization of advertising design standardization, say 巩书凯 skill point company has been to insist to do at present and the future.Although each company and the team's product demand is completely different, but the design is worked out, and the vast majority of customers are Internet companies, the results you want is to make users better accept the design of products.

skill point company are currently active line layout, the opening of a branch office in all over the country.巩书凯 tell find China a guest reporter, although with the development of the Internet, geographical restrictions will have little impact on the company's business, but in open branch is in order to further understand the needs of the local enterprise, distribution and the design of the relevant service or headquarters.

the construction of the company is also actively design database, hope after service more companies, establish a database of advertising industry, make analysis to classify customer classification, the future can be quickly and be smart, to make the customer really need the design of the product.Titled

| Beijing news reporter Zhao

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