Apple hit!By poking fun at the iPhone 7 points so long here!

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7 release time there will be two months time, as the iPhone 7 "true" constantly exposed on the Internet, people for the upcoming this aircraft is also more molding, exposure before some of the information is to let people feel sorry for the iPhone 7, however, according to the latest news, new features, the new phone may have iPhone 7 or electromagnetic interference shielding function.

apple outbursts! Been poking fun at the iPhone 7 points so long here!

a few days ago, the United States patent and trademark office today released the apple submitted a patent application, in which describes a new scheme of audio components, can maximum limit for shielding electromagnetic interference.Apple in the patent document diagram is used by the Mac Book series laptops, but new technology is also possible on iPhone. 7.

first electromagnetic interference for a mobile phone designers is to combine multiple parts they need to challenge the problem, because a lot of parts will emit a small amount of electromagnetic interference, so make them close together will be more difficult.

in addition, if an electronic parts under exposure in the other parts of the electromagnetic interference and may cause serious damage to the problem, and this problem was irreparable.So the design of circuit and the overall layout, it is important to note that the electromagnetic interference problem.Especially for audio equipment, will seriously affect the quality of sound.

apple outbursts! Been poking fun at the iPhone 7 points so long here!

apple added the new technology for device increased the electromagnetic shielding, with more finely tuned circuit board assembly, once installed between the chip space is reduced, can use the extra space to install a larger capacity of the battery, it also be helpful to the improvement of life functions.

in fact, we see a similar message is not the first time, in February this year, the industry is coming from apple, the industry there is news that apple will be iPhone7, increasing the use of electromagnetic shielding technology in A10 for processor, wi-fi and bluetooth chip, RF radio frequency chip components such as electromagnetic shielding processing, it can greatly reduce the interference of electromagnetic shielding technology, still can reduce between the chip installation space, so it can give extra space to install batteries with large capacity.

in addition, according to the fact a great god OnLeaks online news, apple iPhone 7 May be equipped with a bigger capacity of the battery, at the same time OnLeaks sources said 4.7 inch iPhone 7 will be equipped with the capacity of 1960 mAh battery, than the iPhone 6 s 14% increase to 1785 mAh battery capacity.

apple outbursts! Been poking fun at the iPhone 7 points so long here!

actually iPhone 7 appearance with the iPhone 6 s difference is not big, if you want to find a selling point, the increase of the battery capacity will be a selling point, is going to wait until September to know the release.

did not even interested in America's national iphone7 can work in China?

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