Yu rhetoric: don't do dominance, huawei's instant millet netizens not calm!

the world report:

news yesterday, a letter from huawei President yu to employees, with the online, more than most people call big hand of some more, beyond apple rhetoric before three years, has now said huawei could be 3-5 years global live only 2-3 machine manufacturers, one of China's market may be only huawei, or another.More than big mouth words a reason not rough, rough that form a possibility in the future.

although the tone, but according to the results in the first half of 2016, the prophecy of this possibility is too big.In the newly released 2016 mobile phone brands in the top 20, although huawei's growth is steady, but at first, the heart always apple samsung dumped out of the top three.This is domestic handset breakthrough results, huawei core competitiveness in the global smartphone market growing, since this year against samsung, apple for patent, etc., huawei has resistance not bow before!Have to say that huawei is domestic has never been proud!

all say domestic is "fake", declare to the world the rise of huawei, China's "fake" more concerned about the patent, the so-called "legitimate" but is stolen!

more than the world's three big mouth said, let's talk about apple is samsung.In iPhone SE return small screen, the outside world all think apple is in retreat, obviously can be seen from the apple sales during the first half of the apple in China, the big fat like the competitiveness of the market has lost the original, now the iPhone is about to come out, because the United States been battling huawei, China's big country style in Beijing is to ban apple, also in the recent dispute points, most Chinese people shout the slogan of "buy apple is not patriotic", believe that such an impact to the apple is very big, as for the future 3 to 5 years can also and huawei PK, depends on the strength of the cook.

samsung in the first half of the whole relative to foreign brands, sales and word of mouth have remained stable.All say "do not things will not die", a few days ago samsung for extrusion, huawei launched counterclaim, but the counterclaim water too much, that samsung in the competitiveness of the mobile phone is being serious trauma.Although samsung android, only supported by a series of S version of the brand, quality and cost performance still needs to be promoted, bought after samsung mobile phones, in the first year of is very good, but a year later will appear card machine, fever, the phenomenon of the battery is not durable.The competitiveness of the mobile phone market, with ren's words, still depends on the core competitiveness, and the quality, price, reputation be short of one cannot.Samsung now has a certain influence, but after 3-5 years of status whether can guarantee that it is hard to say.

come to think of it, the domestic mobile phone brand, the first is the second huawei is millet.Huawei's achievement is now clearly visible, but the development of millet are not so good.Although three years ago, we are very bullish on millet the dark horse, it didn't do how long, but its status in the market to be reckoned with.The decline of millet now, in fact nothing more than to lose on marketing and strategy, it is also a step by step, lei jun from see millet decline after the movement, when red live, please clear spokesperson OPPO form (learning), from the enterprise internal to the strategy of the whole mobile phone market, thorough reform.But we don't know whether the millet can return to the giant, lei jun to make your move!

we listen to the public's voice:

most people very bullish on the development of huawei, mouth say right, 2-3 of the companies is normal, a dominant monopoly is bad to do, the most important still is in the mobile market competitiveness, there is competition there is innovation!

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