the biggest secret between mei long sue and xiao jingyan unearthed in reed {langya} list finally


"reed {langya} list 2"don't know what did you see?some netizens starring heard a brief don't abandon drama, and the net friend heard that abandon drama starring huang fact, this is not a reason, just because of one or two stars will influence the overall judgment of tv series.anyway, small make up was the finished, speak words of conscience,"reed {langya} list 2"compared with the first, or slightly difference, but compared with the other most of the tv series, is pretty good.

why do you say"reed {langya} list 2"is good?say everyone can see the first, want to get.first of all, on the picture production,"reed {langya} list 2"continues the"list of reed {langya}"style, almost every lens can be used to do the computer cover, absolute feast for the eyes.secondly, in terms of choice of actors,"reed {langya} list 2"is not as charismatic actor arrival, but the actor's whole squad is not bad.not only has the old play bone such as sun, liu jun, also has the one line actors, such as huang xiaoming, liyan tong more liu haoran, candy chang, such as small fresh meat, and even the"list of reed {langya}"many supporting role in the second part of the role.

again everyone's easy to overlook, and that is the screenwriter.small make up feel,"reed {langya} list 2"writers like jane zhang often say,"chicken legs", the plot design especially the routines do too good, a lot of places really let the audience shouted surprise., for example, xiao yuan qi joint began diming mutiny, both of them to discuss to discuss, to action at the emperor nine andesitic spring hunting, we looked at whether very familiar, isn't immediately think of the first praise king rebellion is also in the king's nine andesitic spring hunting on everyone thought really want to recreate the first situation, the story behind the sudden reversal, rebellion in jin lingcheng, sword refers to miyagi, greatly surprised the audience.

the second surprised everyone, until the"list of reed {langya} 2"finale, audience just know originally long lin wang xiao tingsheng long kimi, is wang fu jing jing wang.this is how to see it?xiao ping continuous opposed him, save after emperor xiao yuan qi around the long kimi, the feeling be nasty under, xiao ping continuous thinking of himself at the age of eight accidentally opened a secret, so the emperor well saved by the secret out, and the other side of the secret was mei long sue su zhai.see here, the audience is suddenly enlighted, originally kimi is long before wang fu jing.

there may be many people don't understand,"this is not a secret long sue letter yet"?yes, yes, in the"list of reed {langya}"mei long sue did his account, must be stopped, the secret because it is the biggest secret between him and xiao jingyan, is also the most intimate secrets, is through the passages, mei long sue and jing wang meet secretly, spends significant, play with the courtiers of girder at the palm between, finally pushed xiao jingyan up the emperor's throne.why in the"list of reed {langya} 2", this article secret again?

some speculation is mei long sue's not obedient not seal, another netizen speculation is closed after digging up fact, small make up feel, most likely is that never, not the cause of the sealing largely because xiao jingyan don't agree.xiao jingyan has been wanting to let mei long sue to return to court lin shu, enjoy the fruits of victory, but the long may sue refused.with xiao jingyan character, in order to commemorate may sue long, should choose not sealing way, was that thinking about one day the world know this secret, also understand mei long sue to support their friendship.

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