the peace hotel chen jiaying hanging on by a thread identity will be exposed to what she can also be used to pick up the slack

the peace hotel, since air is always play in the wind, high risk, play outside, noisy, and the mixed of the play will be final.for the show, some netizens said, after a few active abandon play set.some netizens said, this is god.and said, better than nothing, will see, pass the time...

it is true that a show is hard to impress everyone, less perfect, after all, few have, and the audience's aesthetic ability is growing by leaps and bounds.if really, really want to go back to the peace hotel, drama, ups and downs, after several rotary, a bit not careful will drop several rounds, it is no wonder that the spy in restaurant, although also counts as a player, but were chen jiaying to circle, the reason is the"distraction".<br/>

chen jiaying is on"uber"really, i can practice to sorrow, happy event is intangible, colorless, wrath even tang ling watched their lover in front of death, also can do face does not change color;even if the truth was revealed, immediately is to stay calm freely;is completely out of control, less than the last seconds, still can maintain posture, this is a highly trained chen jiaying.just think, in life there really is such people it is a what kind of situation.

the show's biggest feature is each set in an emergency, let you can not relax.die again suspected spy for ishihara countries in the world, and blockade of the hotel, liu dailing fled after being framed, and li zuo same wild-goose chase, and wild between classes in order to thoroughly chen jiaying's identity, is to meet the new guard sent a letter to confirm, that is to say one to reply all the truth.

as all people expect, the more the whole event finale to the complex difficult to manage, will be to the best of the end.tho, chen jiaying feel the seriousness of the situation, maybe only sacrifice themselves to really ensure that the money of the jews and the life safety of the nuclear experts, so she told wang surrendered the last trust.she know what wanda top inner ideal, she also saw wanda is fully capable of guided bolshoy ussuriysky ridge to a correct path, she looked more clear jin-hua liu to wanda on the top of the true love.

in all contexts to is not far off chen jiaying plan, stopped between wild chen jiaying survey, ready to identity did not reply, then restrict her freedom.this makes chen jiaying become angry from embarrassment, she knew that if she quits, at this time of the she citing that being used, the feeling be nasty under kidnapped day colonel, her behavior shocked everyone.

in fact, life has entrusted, is a happy thing.can bring peace today, for the special period, the most valuable is the interpersonal trust and in the same direction.

chen jiaying hijacked day colonel, although can lead to colonel could not normal orders, hand also had the hostages, but chen jiaying themselves under the same muzzle, her only hope, only hope or is wanda head.after all be destroyed because of her local organizations, the last of a"nail"has also been a sacrifice.fortunately, alone, wanda head.

development always condition of events, but also as today's hard-won peace.on when the attempted hijacking strips and colonel, after taking the colonel crazy to blow up the whole restaurant, after the delegates coming up one after another, after liu dailing suddenly appeared again, together with chen jiaying unable to stop the fire to the hotel, she drops to abandon, equal to surrender.

the colonel chen jiaying urged failing to give up that part of the crazy behavior, chen jiaying staged performed do not crazy, hysterical, and the situation is likely to cause bad effects to restore lament, deductive splendid pinnacle, of course, more painful.when mixed with despair, she cried and shouted desperately doushi xiao to stop the rot, but her heart should be a drop of general pain...

although, hotel fire incident subsided, but the whole event is far from over.after the old jewish to authenticate with digital games after chen jiaying have escaped again.precisely, just out of the wolf den, and into the jaws, because reply to confirm her identity.

in the final rendering, want to dust settles is adjustable foot appetite, inversion and inversion, chen jiaying again hanging on by a thread, the last story, what she used to pick up the slack, wanda how top and doushi xiao play a collision that swept the addition, almost forgotten that rolls of film exactly where to hide, how should be?really looking forward to!

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