brother is a farmer singer coat and hat elder sister have such a big difference!

"coat"ygdd comes from a small village in shandong heze power plant, the 48-year-old!ygdd at the age of 42 in 2011, an accidental opportunity coat elder brother to shandong tv"i am big star"audition, song"rolling yangtze river east a mill"let him get a title, after successfully into the"avenue of stars"and on the"spring festival gala", from now on to fame, reputation and popularity is quite large, the growth of"coat"zhu of chengdu for a busy man!

straw hat gui-hua xu elder sister original name, came to shandong tv channel's life at the beginning of the stage of"let the dream fly", after the straw hat elder sister is just the dress photo, no clothing, no beautiful appearance, but she is a bright voice took all the judges and audience shocked, on-site sang a song"yimeng minor"is all the man's tears sing down, this was real gui-hua xu called"straw hat elder sister".in october 2012, straw hat elder sister won the first quarter"let the dream fly, the runner-up, 2013 avenue of stars in the nba finals five strong.for the 2016 cctv spring festival gala opening dance"spring to blessing".

after the famous brother coat ygdd mixed in beijing for a few years, now back to the rural hometown, may be your own brightness not so bright people, his shangyan times have become less!but the elder brother of the coat ygdd has earned enough enough money to keep his family through life rich coat ygdd is not a very will show and acting people, although he became famous also make money but life is still simple, worth tens of millions of he even didn't buy a car!

in contrast,"straw hat sister gui-hua xu", after the famous reputation plummet.straw hat in 2016 elder sister to reach its peak popularity, the appearance is calculated according to a dozen or even hundreds of thousands of, now she is like a noble lady, a famous brand of the body.rumours of straw hat sister rides have several cars, including a car is worth more than two hundred supercar, and a license plate number for five of eight rv, straw hat elder sister to participate in activities or out most of the time are on this car!

now brother coat ygdd recently active in the hometown of cultivate one's morality raises a gender, and straw hat elder sister is busy cultivating their own children to learn a talent even once got on the spring festival gala stage!ygdd does a real lucky farmers singer, but the straw hat elder sister was coming out of her are not farmers, the title just to hype.more rumors that she is a rich, there is one company specialized planning behind the packaging, after successful began to think of some way to cash, but it is, indeed, have the ability!

two are of rural origin grassroots star, don't forget to take your part, hope all pass more positive energy to our

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