change of mistakes can be: inventory all the english because we make big star

"mistakes and can change, be not", everyone know this sentence, but not everyone can get rid of bad habits, and in the entertainment circle, there are many star hair wrong again and again, given the chance to mend, don't cherish the end, gets a rat crossing the street to play.below small make up take you take stock in the entertainment industry with wrong convictions in the face after 10 big star.

the first red bean child molestation

inland well-known singer red beans, although i don't like the person.but his exposure is so strong, today mr red bean(li-yong wang) is captured by the police again.reason or his child molestation, the capture of his live, police also met two children.remember red bean obscene number of children in 2002, was suspended for three years in prison.this time, he fell into the hands of the police again, will be serious punishment.

the second xie dong drugs

xie dong drugs, everyone said he was"smiling face"crying fact, this is not fake, because since xie dong was exposed by the media after taking drugs, sentiment and moral character all of a sudden he fell into the trough.after modification of the police, xie dong got out of jail.later, he was appointed"ambassador"the drug control departments in beijing, but who knows, he's just stepped out, again caught by the police in hunan province to the same charges.

the third joe girls-

although joe is not entertainment stars, but zhou huimin is a hollywood actress.since vivian chow and joe good, she had to press the scary.because she is the boyfriend is not a province lamp.three days two head like went to nightclubs, sometimes he is like philandering outside.vivian chow had his whole very embarrassed.

the fourth-largest bean drugs

in february 2007, when the police in seizing drug found big knob is drug deal with people, the police in the big bean bag find four packets amphetamine, big bean admitted to drug use;in april 2009, the big bean in a motel because smoking amphetamine again, was arrested after the second drug-related big bean premature termination and announced his retirement from show business;in april 2010, great charges for drug use was arrested by the police for the third time;in march 2011, the police seized a drug cartel poison wat, arresting big knob, he insists that"i am innocent"at first, but positive urinalysis results, identified four degrees after infected, not only parents sad disappointed, brother, interpersonal relationship is close to a miracle.yes, this is quite a cup with big bean.

5 xiao shushen drugs

xiao shushen starlight road when i started out quite bright, but repeated drug addiction self-destruct mandate.on december 18, 2006 xiao shushen was found cocaine and amphetamines.solstice on june 5, 2007 on july 23, xiao shushen ordered drug detention center in taipei, is 49 the same year on november 14th night, xiao shushen for possession and cocaine by the taiwan authorities arrested, and is accused of drug use, was sentenced to 1 year 7 months, suspended for four may 2009, xiao shushen suspected three degrees on amphetamines.during the court trial, xiao shushen has not admitted to drug use, arguing that is taking antidepressant medication, will lead to false positive urine test.on november 18, 2010, xiao shushen admitted to drug use in the court, was sentenced to 1 year 7 months.

6 chen girls-

hong kong actor edison chen, and i think the earth person all know.even if you don't know the person, we really haven't seen his film and television works.but the blockbuster"sex photo"i want to is a rookie also heard fact, chen no skill in my life.i think the biggest skill, lies in his ability to pick up women.because of addiction, since his debut after changed countless women.whether one line, two line actress or model, main long beautiful, basically with the edison chen sex.if it weren't for the outbreak of the"sex photo", we really hard to think of edison chen, or such a person.

7 ronald cheng drunk

"drunk", had pledged never to touch the wine ronald cheng, and the cross on back stabbing alert yourself don't do it again, only to find it wasn't long before he's car accident happened in the drunken fact, many developed cities, drunk driving is inevitable.but like ronald cheng, often teach not to change is a bit bemused.

8 tiger woods around cheat

golfer tiger woods, like david beckham is a super delegates.with his popularity and a lot of money, for life is quite loose, more than that and miss"no three no four"sexual intercourse, since, tiger woods yan matter was reported, his wife and his divorce, he also cry to, however, really want to divorce, she will get a big money, in the end, the tiger woods too sorry wife, she chose a divorce.

9 carina lau, uninhibited style

hong kong actress carina lau, is a very generous, bright star.haven't and tony leung chiu-wai before marriage, she is in love, is very bold, often go to nightclubs close contact with men.boyfriend tony leung as completely invisible.however, she didn't play with fire.ever since, convergence and tony leung got married, but often go to night clubs and heterosexual close or have occurred.

the tenth cristiano ronaldo disorderly parking place

was a manchester united in the premiership, ronaldo was evaluated by the public all manchester's most fashionable, but it is also the most persistent.a total of 7 luxury sports car of his in the home, not only the car more expensive, but also a lot of illegal number, crashed in january this year had a ferrari 200000 pounds.

there are your favorite star?

small code word is not easy, hope have a righteous man comment, some praise, attention and fuels.

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