help wu queer p seat belts to quiet p into the cactus from late variety is not easy!


a variety very not good-looking, late team plays a vital role.late is omnipotent, can cut the dull variety good-looking, can make up the mistake of recording star, also can let star recruit black...

wu queer recorded in seventy on the second floor, floor, before get on the car seat belts, later gave him a p.look, don't see wu queer system is completely false seat belt, the side is very false ▼

later, can cut off the some not suitable for a guest, like didn't come through.








show, all the way to quiet late five mao effects of head, sometimes turns into a"dragon ball"of the monkey king, sometimes turns into a kart racer ▼

the best or the:move the p will become a quiet walk of cactus, the whole body was covered ▼

even yang yang, a quiet in the mirror in the sunglasses, also been p into the cactus ▼

(it's"the heart has the tiger, fine smell rose")


"happy camp"in one period, netizens found that guest hu of hair color is very strange, sometimes grey, black, sometimes sometimes half grey and white.actually hu original hair color is light yellow, because does not conform to certain rules, later can only use technology to help him"dyeing"black back ▼

it was not long before, hu sent a weibo self ridicule:"have consciously dyed black, no longer give you trouble."▼

so, later in the variety of each satellite tv broadcast, it should be hard to see the guests leave more personality style, webcasts variety may be affected.3,

most of the technical level of the late test is still in this paragraph:hoi ching on the yearning for life to call their children, hoi ching originally used cell phone is a fruit, is the sponsor's mobile phone by the late p, down the back of the logo is very bright(mr has been eight p off) ▼

close-up almost can not see ps traces, is the index finger hoi ching not quite nicely on the back;but look far lens, flaw is more big, hoi ching a few fingers didn't seize the mobile phone.

there is a late edge:make insipid show good-looking!

such as the recently hit the sound near its borders, a voice acting show, if there is no element of a few variety collocation, looks very can be popular, late.

loura off the lines in the fifth period, zhang reyun immediately help to pick it up, the video looks dull, but cut a late period of idol drama.

first host wang let ryan evaluation loura appearance, ryan repeatedly praise, also said that"i have fallen in love with her.then the flower with words"idol drama male a on-line"▼

heard ryan this period of"confessions", loura as shy girl, her lines this drop suddenly, aside zhang reyun take over to help pick up immediately.then take word is two stage"and"men flutter picture the purple bubbles, bgm"i love you, lovely girl, ryan's eyes also revealed"a sense of crisis"...a"love triangle"was born ▼

when wang continue to ask ryan:what point are you in love with her?


wang:she plays the role of which sounds more sexy?

ryan:her voice sexy~("love you"bgm ring)

hear this paragraph of praise, ryan loura"fawn disorderly bump up ▼"

it is with these variety part, show is interesting.(but ryan may not like, so just hand you later event happened)

in a certain period in this fast, tfboys list only hanging in mid-air balloon, in turn turn wang yuanshi, he challenged again and again, for the seventh time to catch the balloon ▼

actually hanah jump three times to catch the balloon, editor, cut into seven times.

although distorted the facts, but this cut, variety to have a stronger sense of a lot of:6 times failure, reflects the embarrassment of hanah and stick with it and also let the success of the seventh look very not easy.

late is powerful, but they also have a mistake.






this pot finally back by editing, but an editor, think that it's not that simple, he also shared the edited for mango a program when tears experience ▼

(is so helpless, the whole industry in bow to ratings)

this pot of man is bad when, behind their work strength is very big also, overtime is the norm:a trailer will cut two all night;have an emergency, have to cut it again;sleep office...▼

late staff as a behind-the-scenes workers, they go to great lengths to make programs more exciting, audience does not know who they are, the star of the flowers and applause are left to the front.their work, it should not be ignored.

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