company send statement to explain why refuse chun-kai wang?fan: in order to this matter must forgive company!

tfboys combination again recently attended the gala of the terrace, tfboys this by chun-kai wang, hanah, teen idol group composed of jackson has two years in a row on the cctv spring festival gala, this year, the 2018 spring festival gala, tfboys will also attend the spring festival gala, but this is the spring festival gala show, even though in many times the terrace, but until the last moment, there is no one program can guarantee can pass verification of gala so responsible said can't guarantee completely tfboys can board the spring festival gala of this year, but this year has already passed three times of the terrace, tfboys portfolio this year, three people fit the number of times is not too little, but the three people can take advantage of this spring festival gala, also can be more fit!and tfboys three people also take the same car yesterday attended the gala united!originally tfboys three people in the same car to participate in the terrace, for tfboys group meal is a day of shell mass of sugar, but just yesterday tfboys attend gala for the third time when united is a very unpleasant thing happened!and what happened yesterday, tfboys company only gives a statement today!let's wave handsome according to see how specific!

in fact, the thing is:just yesterday tfboys appeared in the cctv spring festival gala terrace of the scene, when the spring festival gala dress rehearsal ended, chun-kai wang because don't know is in his own car, or sit there combination staff car, chun-kai wang assistant then asked a few times where they sat, but the car workers did not respond to assistant, not only that, but the staff didn't mention let chun-kai wang get on the bus, and it was night, chun-kai wang's assistant mr ma has been asked several times, staff is ignored, the people in the car said:go ahead!i don't think the staff is really quite qualified, which have to artists outside the car, etc., and the staff is sitting in the car all right!it also can be seen, sincerely to chun-kai wang good staff and only mr ma, also only horse brother always take care of a chun-kai wang, all for the sake of chun-kai wang!

i think if not have chun-kai wang fans took this piece of video, i'm afraid all don't know how much staff dereliction of duty!the content of the original video is this:when chun-kai wang and mr ma in the car, a voice:ah?do you mean?male staff:ha, ha, ha intentionally intentionally!female worker:move back!male:staff who will come?female worker:me, me!the male staff:do you still sit behind!woman:no one want to sit?then the car another female officers shouted, and people to get on the bus!but apparently said nor chun-kai wang?mr ma:let, let it!here!however, workers in the car and no one mr ma!then mr ma to see the car is almost full, and then ask:how to sit?the inside of the car said:no, but also from people!a female staff said, that i went to sit behind!chun-kai wang later found no place to sit, chun-kai wang:we can walk 5 minutes!mr ma:no way!q:in chun-kai wang took one look at a car?mr ma asked, in his own car in the past?but the result is still the same, there is no reason, then, chun-kai wang and mr ma would be turned back to his car!

when a video seen by fans, i think the fans will certainly not be wronged, let their idols fans really strong, chun-kai wang fans began to let company gave way, very not easy for a portfolio of activities, but now the company is so treat chun-kai wang, the staff is really not professional, no matter how to put artists arranged to just go!finally company also able to withstand the collective, the fans tonight also sent a statement, and explain why did not notice the chun-kai wang doesn't have a car to sit, and said in a statement:"the staff refused to load chun-kai wang just rumor, does not conform to the facts!and also said that has been criticized for relevant personnel.not only the company sent a statement, said later will be more careful, can deal with the emergency in a timely manner, and in the car of the staff have a weibo, explain himself did not play, say oneself handle tfboys combination of related things for more than two years have been very professional!but i think even tfboys company sent a statement, show oneself really have the negligence of this place, and there are staff also explains the actual situation of the scene in time, but fans can listen to the company, or the interpretation of the staff?many fans believe that the company's explanation too elaborate!

i think, a lot of fans in the entertainment circle will hand to tear his idol's staff, or his idol, mostly because of the staff or the company's bad for their idols, chun-kai wang fan was not actually completed the first time to fry tfboys company peak, chun-kai wang's assistant before isn't good for chun-kai wang, fans fried, chun-kai wang ming gravamen, was expelled from the company choose the assistant, and mascherano back chun-kai wang side, and this time is just a simple criticism of the staff, this has let the fans very discontent, but fans of the company must choose to forgive!because in three days is love the spring festival, tfboys already will also take part in this year's spring festival gala, but if the fans have been fried company, so will affect tfboys in cctv's image, so fans chose to forgive company!most fans can select not to mention this in advance, for the sake of the idol for the fans, no matter how unhappy company, but as long as is good for their idols, they are willing to do!part of the tfboys composite powder is also angry at the firm's methods, but they are also thinking about just because the image combination spring festival gala on time!

i think age peak topped the given statement is really a little damage chun-kai wang image, and most of the fans are not satisfied with the given statement, chun-kai wang has always been very good, and good character, he should have a lot of things!and chun-kai wang fan is the practice of dissatisfaction with the company, but chun-kai wang recently there are a lot of important activity, so the fans don't want to bring chun-kai wang bad influence, chun-kai wang tomorrow and have a new brands yaoguan xuan, so fans decided to chun-kai wang to forgive the company first?so what do you think companies should forgive this time?

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