fan bingbing also too harsh!and the younger brother a little face also did not give a call!

although fan chengcheng sister is fan bingbing, but fan bingbing, but quite harsh on him, in a recent program, fan chengcheng call sister, sister will encounter a education, in the face of so many audience across the country, but a little face also not give!

show there is a link member to call family, fan chengcheng is not exceptional also, initially fan chengcheng think of mom, a telephone, prompt the phone owe the inside, a little embarrassed, yu shifan cheng cheng in a mobile phone.

change the telephone dial-up, tip inside the other party has been in the call, fan chengcheng a face of meng, attached to beat two or three, and is in the call.

fan chengcheng had to said, i don't know his mother is doing, not even her son?

then started to dial again, didn't get through my mother's telephone, fan chengcheng thought of my father, result his father also don't know why, played two or three is didn't answer, fan chengcheng slightly depressed, embarrassed and lost, had to comfort themselves said everyone is changed, all don't love him!is also a sad!

finally can't, mom and dad didn't get through, but the program requires the answer must be family, yu shifan cheng cheng asked the staff can call sister fan bingbing?staff said, yu shifan cheng cheng dialed the number of sister and results on the barrage are all in the spray, said fan chengcheng just to call my sister, sister is trying to pull the sentiment of bala bala, families are close elder sister have what can't make a phone call, really is!

it is answered the call sister, fan chengcheng finally breathed a sigh of relief, but the fan bingbing jump is a said, opening the first sentence is heard that you came to forget the word, also warned that don't be nervous all kinds, in conclusion said a lot fan chengcheng behave well.

during the fan bingbing has said fan chengcheng haven't chance to speak, very not easy said sister stopped, such as fan chengcheng said do you want to give you a call, and be ready to pose.

the fan bingbing responded by saying no, and who say hello, domineering refused.

added immediately, then you don't drive a hands-free!frighten fan chengcheng got red in the face!

added hurriedly, i in the recording, see fan chengcheng panic expression, feel the fan bingbing is very tough for younger brother all right, daily fan chengcheng fear a little sister!!

hear fan chengcheng said in the recording, fan bingbing immediately say then say hello, everyone refueling oh, bye bye!then he hang up and didn't react fan chengcheng, telephone there is chengcheng said really had to go too fast.

completely have never waited him to say a few words to chat is over, but the fan bingbing on brother, and that kind of love, always thought that fan bingbing dynamic so busy not brother, at least a through she knew her brother recently have forgetten the word on the stage!say although is very strict, but also for his good.

fan bingbing, treatment of brother or unique, say don't want to help, but the heart still focusing on the younger brother, such as weibo and 15 couples head, replaced by younger brother's photos.

brother fan chengcheng ready to attend the show, will debut, fan bingbing will help my brother with popularity on weibo, introducing to the fans, also please take care of a lot!

also younger brother propaganda program, heart also hope brother can behave well.

after also afraid to not let everybody have any prejudice, you rarely see the fan bingbing, bring brother flow, all by himself.

but even so, the net friend is always in the younger brother is come up with a star aura, will enjoy the preferential treatment, the results show fan chengcheng exposing to show the tail on a lens, a lens, but also by netizens because his sister was to feature, also is very miserable, a program is only one side was somebody else said to sister, stress is big!

and speak out in the show, netizens have said he made his debut against sister can, this saying and began to cry, cry while wipe tears, full of injustice, can be said to be very fragile, don't like his sister, so domineering.

but many netizens like still liked fan chengcheng, said he is, is this child a look is very good to protect her family that ah, no wonder out now, sister to worry about, not harsh no way out!

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