looked at me or serious chinese new year february net play list

this article by wechat public, freeing up the drama(baozaitv) original, may not be reproduced.

should all have a holiday vacation at the moment, no holiday also ready to have a holiday.dedicated freeing up enough already open at home to eat sleep mode, before being firecrackers too noisy to compose, to update a few more times haha.

to inventory february net play, is originally wanted to say a tribute to help cut the journey time, but after watching think...may be during the spring festival is a new online network can't rely on this month the play live, everyone still take time to prepare for the other early.

-have been broadcast drama-

on february 1, tencent video

"chef of lake orchid girl

xu ke/li mengying

the play tells the story of the emperor as chef for the small aaron, intended to instrument has been like queen to elope with him, but were persecuted fell to orchid in the lake.and life in the modern period of tomorrow, also being countered a crash into the lake orchid.karma with cute little head figure tomorrow, opened up a story of a modern tour.

this belongs to the text plot looks interesting but see posters still don't want to chase series...

want to see the eunuch through to the modern, recommend a tvb considered male princes".

on february 1st iqiyi

"is there a cat in"

wang jingli/xie xintong

the picture books adapted from the same name, tells the story of senior officer shovel excrement mcgrady and teasing the cat she is fat and small black wacky everyday, and with the help of good friends hin treasure in the story of growth.

but after the show most of the people should be from the plot, the pure absorption cat also enough...

on february 5th, in the love

the engaging cold little woman"

pan zhilin/xu zhengxi/li now/zhu zi xiao

in shanghai during the period of the republic of china the story background, tells the love story happened in shanghai and its outskirts of town.

may the synopsis above can't let you have in-depth knowledge of the show, please take 30 seconds time poring over the extended version of the story below, see if you respond like me.

jane's house is a decline squire family of the republic of china, four daughters, different personality.mrs jane biggest wish is to take the daughters to marry out, from the wealthy.the arrival of the rich kids ding zihui, song wenxi let jane home town outbreak of a war for digging, the eldest daughter, command ding zihui heart, two people feeling, though because of ancestry experienced twists and turns, but in the end get hui family recognition.song wenxi though several times with the second daughter, such as tian"bad", but he found himself imperceptibly fall in love.when saved cheng birao deep aiwen city, enjoy this moment life to prevent hee hee with such as tian alliance qiuguliu tianyu.tianyu to such as tian shi lover, in the critical moment, tianyu propose hee, revealed the tianyu abduction pregnant wen xuan his act, such as tian disillusion.tianyu framed hee, make its business hit, in prison, such as tian use their wisdom, found evidence that innocent victim hee, hee quell career, be well, jack shall have jill.

do you have any feeling...his watch is a version of"pride and prejudice"of the republic of china...thought background change name to rewrite the story you just don't see it...

on february 8, youku

the ark beauty

vic chou hu bing qing/chen yao

the play tells the story of the little weasel out-of-touch pure yellow light with nine tails red fox hu fei luan, to reduce the killing, from the royal emperor incarnate beauty pressed into the palace collapsed, and the charm is lihan, involved in the court of crisis right bucket, more for steal the fox family"spirit", in the love in the story of the human taste tasted.

fox family complex of the tang dynasty when it's time to put down...from"green hill fox"to this, haven't set any spray ah, don't know if he hadn't checked the"ark beauty"has been started.

freeing opens at a novelty, almost thought he was going to see is"chest lily 2333

if it is, still perhaps better see mew:ahaha, shanghai zi zi.

on february 8, in the love

"the statue out of favour, princess"

joe/nic is coming/company

adaptation of snow"affinity"spirit of the novel, tells the story of the daughter of the original bachelor's original month zheng and zhu chicken wang chaozong zheng chicken lin between love story.

this is show several years ago...local tv play in 2015, three years later, etc to online, can't, starring component is not enough to impress the markets.

on february 8th iqiyi

the fragrance sword rain"

you wu/ren says kai

according to cologne, the novel tells about the mysterious master of also are also evil wind for fragrance sword, with a white woman sun min juxian heights valiant become attached to, hand in hand against a day for teaching, grow up to be salvation hero of the story.front of

a few cheongwan compared xuan"handsome siblings", this is really no attention...

said wanted to want to look at, the results to douban discussion picked a 40+reply post a look...

too much water...yet witty freeing up to extract the effective information...

means the show in addition to the male master level appearance also do not have what good praise the right...

-to play-

on february 16, youku

"mr underwear"

meng ziyi chai wei/yue jiyang

this drama depicting the underwear design, tells the story of a young man named"static"funny double life.

o double life is still on the one hand, for the sake of his underwear designer dream, willing in underwear company when a timid lovely rookie

on the other hand, in his secret and rich in the family business, he has become universal bullying, with treacherous court official in the bottom of the wits with

the show on their own positioning is"broken dimensional fashion comedy", also didn't say is adapted, said only that the plot content"absorb"the essence of the japanese cartoon"the godfather"underwear...after following the"reference"and"honor", freeing up and learned to"absorb"new usage.

on february 21, tencent video

the dugu world

hu bing qing/zhang feng xu zhengxi

weekend years of unrest in the north of the situation as the background, tells the story of three sisters etiquette duguxin under because of the"world"dugu soothsaying, step by step from a noble family experience into the king the story of a woman.

last year took two leading to galois dugu costume piece(the other one is absent so winning qiao en queen dugu), hu bing qing version first to online for inspection.

92 and dance the peacock hu bing qing can hold 30+big japanese, such as positive solution.

freeing individuals to ann xu zhengxi more interested in the loveline mew:ahaha.

on february 26, youku

"unrequited love"against"

hole hanging nan liu mei contain/li he

"based on a comic, especially m tells the story of hu lishan xia bai orange, unrequited love and xia bai orange unrequited love cold stone wells, hu lishan as xia bai orange male girlfriends to help the chasing the story of the stone well.

the diffuse drama instead freeing up happily with you a while ago already amway(review stamp this), no problem the most sweet net play, this month to chase it.












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