han geng celina jade exactly how to hook up?is it billions of sales force?

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your lap for single dog, really is not very friendly, everyday fresh dog food for our courier.

is han geng's birthday today, popping open relationship.also without the cover, celina [email protected] girl.

receives a signal of love celina jade, rushed back [email protected], her boy.

well, so naked show conjugal love, really very angry hey!i...i also want [email protected] boy, tt.

baomei also wondered, han geng and celina jade is how to hook up.

she is 6 billion box office and$2 billion between men, there is a mysterious attraction?

just remember later, when their golden rooster in september 17, as if he had been on stage hey!

two people together that day came to the awards, han geng, began to catch somebody else's arms.

well, the stink of a relationship.

then haven't said a few words, celina jade on cue, han geng singing, she used the phrase is,"you tonight, don't you want to sing to me, and the audience to listen to?"

em...baomei sense, their relations, at the time, is not generally.

but speaking of celina jade oh, the girl is really cool.

you the deepest impression on her husband, must be"2"the war wolf.

but in fact she also starred in"the green arrow man in winter, and in the first quarter to the fourth quarter.

but her into show business at the beginning, but made his debut as a singer.

at the age of 14, to take part in a singing contest, and then signed chamber zhe zai's company.

in 2000, celina jade with namie amuro, singing together in okinawa's g8 summit.

celina jade is only 15 years old at the time, the company requires that she dropped out of school, all-out attack show business.

but the little girl is pretty thoughtful, was refused, think should not be so small age give up reading.

and she didn't just shout slogans, she is really a big good grades students oh, somebody else is graduated from london school of economics and economic management.oxford and cambridge(this school along w)

after finished school, celina jade again a year stay in the uk to learn music, really is my hobby to combine...

w after you come back from the uk, she went to tvb when the moderator, but because of the formerly known as lu snow lotus, the name was too soil was abandon.

hey, these people are really mean hey...

celina jade back in domestic development, from the united states has no drama, no fame, until she received a"war wolf 2".

she received"war wolf 2"after the play, the sick were crying with delight, lu mother because she has always been very hope to play a daughter, chinese movie in the mainland.

(celina jade parents)

but unfortunately, lu mother died in january 2017, did not have in the cinema to see his daughter play"war wolf 2".

but anyway, now celina jade not only has a new career breakthrough, but also find a boyfriend to accompany, lu mother should be very happy in heaven.figure source network

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